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Brute Force Strategy

October 22, 2020

1) Preamble:

“The best strategy is always to be very strong⦔ -Carl von Clausewitz

Battles that are won by strategy are rare; most are won by sheer brute force.

The aim of this essay is to lay out the Brute Force Strategy (BFS) that can be used to succeed in different areas of life.

BFS will not get you to the top 1% of a domain of performance, but it will get you into the top 20%.

2) Transcending Macro Dominance Hierarchies:

The BFS for transcending macro hierarchies is this: have a high IQ and high energy levels.

If you have an IQ of 120+ and the energy to work 60 hours a week, the probability of you ending up rich and powerful is fairly good, and the probability of you ending up poor and powerless is practically zero.

High IQ + High Energy is an insurance policy against poverty.

3) Seduction:

The BFS for seduction is this: be extremely good looking, and have high status in the macro dominance hierarchy.

If you are a man who is handsome and high status, getting women to sleep with you will be laughably easy.

If you are a man who is ugly and low status, getting women to sleep with you will be impossible.

4) Sales Work:

The BFS for sales is this: be good looking, be extroverted, and have high energy levels.

If you are a sales rep who is good looking, enthusiastic (extroverted), and who has the energy to work 60+ hours a week, the overwhelming probability is you will be in the top 20% of sales reps.

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