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Seduction, Machiavellian Venue

October 23, 2020


1) Hypergamy vs Feminism
2) Pairbonding Capacity is a Finite Resource
3) Affection, Give The Right Amount
            3A) Ruthlessness, Have The Right Amount
4) Be A Rock
5) Law 10, Avoid Insane Women
6) Top Tier Men Only
7) Sexual Harassment
8) Good Relationships Are Effortless
9) Marriage, Avoid It
10) Relevant Reading
11) Illimitable Manâs Reflections


Women select men almost entirely on the basis of physical attractiveness, status in the dominance hierarchy, and confidence.

If you are a man who is good looking, high status in the hierarchy that is currently in place, and low on neuroticism (confident), there will be an endless supply of women who want to be with you.

Meanwhile, men select women almost entirely on the basis of physical attractiveness.

The rest of this piece will deal with the psychological aspects of seduction that go beyond the shallow matters listed above.

1) Hypergamy vs Feminism:

Women are hypergamous; a woman wants a man who is higher status than she is in the hierarchy, and ideally as high status as possible.

Feminism and hypergamy are antithetical; feminist ideology demands equality, hypergamy demands superiority.

When dealing with a woman who is a feminist, understand that on a conscious level her ideology demands that she be paired with a man who she considers an equal partner, while on a subconscious level her hindbrain desires a man she considers to be her superior.

She wants a man who is taller than her, richer than her, higher status than her, and more confident than her.

For the sake of maintaining a stable relationship outwardly appear to agree with whatever feminist propaganda she speaks, but inwardly be aware of the truth and take action to ensure you are superior to her in every way imaginable.

2) Pairbonding Capacity is a Finite Resource:

The fewer sexual partners a woman has had in the past the more intensely she will pairbond with a new sexual partner.

If a woman has slept with many men before you, getting her to become emotionally attached to you and maintaining a relationship with her will be difficult or impossible.

If a woman has slept with few men before you, getting her to become emotionally attached to you and maintaining a relationship with her will be easy.

The ideal number of previous sexual partners for her is zero.

3) Affection, Give The Right Amount:

“The less emotionally available you are, the more emotionally available she is â the inverse is also true.” -Illimitable Man

Maintaining a long term romantic relationship requires that you give her the correct amount of affection.

Give her too much affection and she will perceive you as needy. She must at all times perceive that she is more emotionally attached to you than you are to her. If she detects that you are more emotionally invested in her than she is in you, she will view you as being beneath her; you will no longer appeal to her hypergamy and her attraction to you will vanish.

On the other hand, if you give her too little affection she will view you as unloving and seek out another man who does give her sufficient affection.

Striking the right balance is difficult, but when in doubt give her less affection, not more.

Men who give too much affection are common, men who give too little affection are rare.

3A) Ruthlessness, Have The Right Amount:

A woman doesn’t want a man who is so disagreeable that he’ll abuse her and the children. However, she does want a man who has a capacity for ruthlessness so that he can serve as a competent protector.

The key word is ‘capacity’. So far as making a woman fall in love with you is concerned, you should be polite and compassionate most of the time, but occasionally exhibit ruthlessness.

Your ruthlessness should be marked by cold detachment, rather than anger or hatred; you should appear to be low on agreeableness and low on neuroticism, rather than low on agreeableness and high on neuroticism

If you are a sheep who is highly agreeable and naïve, women won’t want you.

If you are narcissistic and incredibly disagreeable often for no reason, some women may be attracted to you, but the probability you will be able to maintain a healthy and functional relationship over the long term is zero.

You must strike the right balance; be polite and compassionate most of the time, but still wielding a capacity for ruthlessness.

Very few men on the planet can strike this balance effectively; ruthless, but not angry or sadistic. Psychologically comfortable with conflict, but not predatory.

A man in public view who perfectly strikes this balance would be Jocko Willink

4) Be A Rock:

“You are an oak tree. You will not be manipulated by crying, yelling, lying, sexual withdrawal, jealousy ploys, shit tests, disappearing acts or guilt trips. She will rain and thunder all around you and you will shelter her until her storm passes.” -Roissy

Ideally you have a stress tolerance of infinity and never display any anger, fear, or sadness at all. Of course, this is an impossible ideal.

As much as possible, the women you are romantically involved with should perceive you are calm (low on neuroticism).

The less negative emotion you exhibit, and the less often, the better.

5) Law 10, Avoid Insane Women:

Do not become romantically involved with insane women.

Should you encounter a woman who is suffering from some psychiatric disorder, you will likely feel the instinct to take care of her. Don’t do it. Run away as fast as you can.


Psychologically healthy women don’t manufacture false accusations of violence; psychologically ill women do. Not always, but far too often for comfort.

This advice may sound obvious, yet many otherwise intelligent men destroy their lives by ignoring it.

They make the mistake of allowing their instinct to offer affection and protection to a woman who is suffering to override their knowledge that such a woman may be dangerous.

Women suffering from psychiatric disorders are victims of bad luck who deserve all the sympathy and aid that we can give them. However, you must prioritize the survival of your own reputation over giving her assistance; avoid her.

How many false accusations does it take to destroy a man’s reputation? Only 1

6) Top Tier Men Only:

One consequence of hypergamy is that women only want top tier men.

If you are a man in the top 20% of sexual market value (looks, status in the dominance hierarchy, confidence) women will consider you attractive. If you are in the bottom 80% of men, women will consider you unattractive.

In polygamous societies, you will find that a minority of men marry and monopolize a majority of the women, or at least a disproportionate percentage of the women, while a significant percentage of men (perhaps a majority) get zero women.

In monogamous societies where young men and young women are shuffled into marriages with 1 man and 1 woman each, you will find that women around the 50th percentile of sexual market value grudgingly marry men around the 50th percentile of sexual market value. Many such women have affairs with men in the top 20% of sexual market value.

7) Sexual Harassment:

“Sexual Harassment” is a legal offense that has definitions so vague that they are all but meaningless.

The practical definition of sexual harassment is this; incompetent attempts at seduction carried out by ugly men with low status in the hierarchy are considered ‘Sexual Harassment’, while competent attempts at seduction carried out by good looking men with high status in the hierarchy are considered ‘Flirting’.

8) Good Relationships Are Effortless:

A good relationship is effortless, a bad relationship is endless headache.

If you have a woman who thinks you should ‘work’ on your relationship, leave her.

You are looking for a subordinate (see âHypergamyâ) who will be a complement to your life, not an equal partner, and certainly not someone who will waste your time with manufactured drama.

9) Marriage, Avoid It:

Disclaimer: The following section applies to modern America, not necessarily other societies.

Every man in America from 1970 forward who signed a marriage contract was a fool for doing so.

A man has nothing to gain from getting married and everything to lose, while a woman has nothing to lose by getting married and everything to gain.

The reason for this is rather straightforward; the probability of divorce is roughly 50%, and in the event of divorce family courts will transfer wealth out of the hands of the husband and into the hands of the wife (via alimony and child support).

A marriage contract is nothing more than a business contract, and from 1970 forward it has been a business contract rigged in favor of wives and against husbands.

This may sound obvious, yet America is still a country filled with men cunning enough to become elite level investment bankers and lawyers, yet naïve enough to sign marriage contracts.

10) Relevant Reading:

Illimitable Man:

Fifty Shades of Red

Dominance and Submission

The Red Pill Constitution



11) Illimitable Man’s Reflections:

âIf you want the truth, make her cry until she’s lost self-control, then accuse her of bad things and keep asking her questions – everything she tells you in this highly stressed & emotional state will be the truth.

Women love to lie, you have to play dirty to uncover the dirtyâ¦Vetting isn’t pretty. If you’re not willing to get your hands dirty on ethical grounds, then you’re not serious about determining the content of the other person’s character, and are willing to gamble your future away on blind hope, rather than trusting through verification.

Making a girl cry is a small price to pay to learn the truth about who she really is.

By the way, if she becomes violent when you try this, run.

By violent I don’t mean agitated and slightly disrespectful either, I mean full on bullying and threatening. If you see this, get out.

If she tries to flip the dynamic by doing to you what you’re doing to her, she’s somewhere on the cluster B spectrum, or at the very least extremely, extremely cunning and egotistical. Good to uncover all of this ugly ASAP, before you’re too heavily invested and attached.

If you don’t play her like this, she will hide the demon and play cutesy with you, wasting a lot of your time, energy and resources, allowing you to become attached to her without being fully aware of what or who she really is.

Skip all that bullshit, make her cry.â

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