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Tactical Implications of Male Expendability

October 23, 2020


1) Favor Asking
2) Risk Calculations
3) Punishment Avoidance
4) Distribute Risk to Men, Not Women
5) Victim Signaling, Strength Signaling
            5A) Seeking Help
            5B) Crying


âItâs hard for a child to understand the existential pressures of being an adultâ¦the same is true of women with men.â -Illimitable Man

If you are a man, you have to look out for yourself because chances are nobody else will.

Society considers the lives of women and children to be critical, and the lives of men to be expendable.

If you are a man who is powerful (high status in the macro dominance hierarchy), then people will care about you and grant you assistance. Beware; their help is conditional. If you experience a downfall and become low status, their assistance will vanish and nobody will care whether you live or die.

The purpose of this piece is not to complain about how hard life is as a man, but rather to investigate how awareness of society considering men to be expendable can be used to make better tactical decisions.

1) Favor Asking:

People are more likely to grant a favor if it is asked for by a woman than if it is asked for by a man. This is particularly true when the person deciding whether or not to grant the favor, is a woman.

Men view women slightly more favorably than they view other men, and women view other women far more favorably than they view men.

As such if you are a woman and you need a favor, ask for it yourself. On the other hand if you are a man and you need a favor, it would be wise to get a woman to ask for it on your behalf.

Utilize this tactic and you will be surprised by how much more often people say ‘Yes’ when you make a request.

Better yet, get a good looking woman (rather than an ugly woman) to ask on your behalf; this way you have the âhalo effectâ working for you rather than against you.

2) Risk Calculations:

If you are a man you need to be aware that society will give you little to no assistance should you become low status. When doing risk analysis, you must factor this into the calculation; your calculations should be made with the assumption that should things go badly, the rest of society will give you little to nothing in the way of rescue.

Your risk-reward calculations must include the assumption that society has no safety net for you.

3) Punishment Avoidance:

Crimes that are inflicted upon women are punished more harshly than crimes that are inflicted upon men.

As such if you must inflict harm upon someone (for whatever reason) it would be wise to choose a target who is male rather than a target who is female, if such a choice exists.

4) Distribute Risk to Men, Not Women:

If there is a dangerous task that must be done (where the doer is likely to suffer serious harm and possibly death), send a man to do it.

For example if you are sending employees to do a job that could very well get them killed (say coal mining), send male employees rather than female employees.


Because if you get a bunch of male employees killed, there will be public outrage and people might boycott your business. However, the outrage directed at you for slaughtering male employees wonât be nearly as intense as it would have been had you slaughtered female employees.

5) Victim Signaling, Strength Signaling:

“Weak men get laughed at and blamed for being incompetent. Weak women get massive emotional support from their social network who will lash out at whoever she points her finger atâ¦Men overplay their strengths and understate their vulnerabilities. Women overstate their vulnerabilities and downplay their strengths. Appearing strong is an asset to men (even when they’re not). Appearing vulnerable is an asset to women (even when they’re not).” -Illimitable Man

âVictim Signalingâ is appearing weaker than you really are in the hope of winning sympathy and assistance.

âStrength Signalingâ is appearing stronger than you really are with the hope that by appearing strong people will view you as high status and powerful, and thereby be more inclined to help you since they assume you wield the power to repay a favor in a meaningful way.

Women and children tend towards Victim Signaling, and with good reason; as a woman or child winning sympathy is easy.

Men tends towards Strength Signaling, and with good reason; as a man winning sympathy is difficult, but winning respect is easy, or at least doable.

A man who engages in Victim Signaling is usually committing tactical suicide; the appearance of weakness won’t win him sympathy, it will win him disdain.

A woman or child maximizes the probability they will receive assistance by appearing as weak as possible. A man maximizes the probability he will receive assistance by appearing as strong as possible.

5A) Seeking Help

âWomen seek help over the most tenuous things, sometimes just for attention, because they like the comfort and support that comes from sharing their plight.

If you see a man seeking help, you can be rest assured he is almost certainly desperate, and does so with great discomfort.â âIllimitable Man

Women and children intuitively understand that if they engage in Victim Signaling they will most likely be given compassion. Meanwhile, men intuitively understand that if they engage in Victim Signaling they will most likely be given scorn.

As such, women and children are far more willing to seek help than men; if a man seeks your help know that he is desperate and you are probably his last resort.

That last bolded phrase may sound obvious, yet countless suicides could have been prevented had it been heeded.

5B) Crying:

Women and children cry far more often than men. More importantly, women and children often cry in front of others, whereas men virtually never cry in front of others.

Men avoid crying in front of others since they know that doing so will not win them compassion; it will win them scorn and disdain.

Women and children on the other hand know that crying in front of others is likely to win them sympathy and support.

As such, if a man cries in front of you (which will happen rarely or never) be assured that his tears are real.

However, when a woman or child cries in front of you, you must question whether their tears are real or whether they have been manufactured for the sake of winning your sympathy and compliance.

Women are expert at manipulating men via manufacturing tears.

A womanâs fake tears are taken seriously, a manâs real tears are laughed at.

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