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Trust Destruction, Mainstream Media

October 23, 2020


1) Preamble
2) Charles Murray, The Bell Curve
3) James Damore, Googleâs Ideological Echo Chamber
4) Jordan Peterson, Socially Enforced Monogamy

1) Preamble:

From 1990 – 2020, trust in America’s mainstream media has deteriorated.

Why? After all, who’s more trustworthy than The New York Times?

The reason is rather simple; the mainstream media routinely says things that can easily be verified as false.

If you were to meet a new contact and within the first 10 minutes of conversation they made multiple claims that you could easily verify are false, would you trust them? Of course not.

You would think they’re either a fool who genuinely believes that what they say is true, or a liar who is being intentionally deceptive.

In either case, they would be someone whose words should not be trusted.

Charles Murray, James Damore, and Jordan Peterson are examples of men whose views the mainstream media has misrepresented.

Because the mainstream media misrepresented the views of these people, it suggests there are probably many other things the mainstream media is misrepresenting.

2) Charles Murray, The Bell Curve:

The mainstream media tells us that Murray is a racist who hates black people.

Of course anyone who has taken the time to read Murrayâs work (The Bell Curve), knows that heâs simply a man who is honest about IQ/Intelligence being the driving force behind income and socioeconomic status, and also a man who is deeply concerned that IQ gaps between rich and poor will lead to an intolerable degree of wealth inequality.

He is also honest about the existence of racial disparities in IQ.

The media’s brazen misrepresentation of Murray’s views has caused trust in the media to deteriorate.

Mainstream Media saying Murray is an Evil Racist:

Murrayâs Actual Writings:

The Bell Curve

Note: The experience of Murray tells us that anyone who is honest about the existence of racial disparities in IQ and the degree to which they drive racial disparities in income, will be hit with the ad hominem ‘Racist’.

3) James Damore, Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber:

Damore was an engineer at Google who published a memo detailing how differences between men and women that are driven by biology/genetics (rather than social training) may explain why Google has more male engineers than female engineers.

Specifically, he asserted that because male IQ is more variable than female IQ, there are more men with the genius level intelligence (IQs of 130+) needed to do rigorous engineering work.

What Damore said was true; it is indeed factually correct to say that male IQ is more variable than female IQ.

However, because what he said was politically incorrect (it is politically correct to say there are no psychological differences between men and women), Google fired him, and the mainstream media painted him as a misogynist.

The mainstream media calling James Damore a misogynist, when anyone who has taken an hour to read his actual writings knows he’s simply a man who is honest about the existence of gender differences that are driven by biology/genetics, has caused trust in the mainstream media to deteriorate.

The Mainstream Media saying Damore is a Misogynist:

Damoreâs Actual Writings:

Note: The experience of Damore tells us that anyone who is honest about the existence of psychological differences between men and women, and the degree to which they are driven by biology/genetics rather than cultural training, will be hit with the ad hominems ‘Misogynist’ and ‘Sexist’.

4) Jordan Peterson, Socially Enforced Monogamy:

Peterson asserted that âenforced monogamyâ is a good model for civilization, as opposed to polygamy.

He asserts that polygamy is pathological since it leads to a minority of men having multiple wives, while a significant percentage of men (perhaps a majority) are left with 0 wives. The men who have complete failure from a romantic perspective tend to become resentful, and many become violent.

Monogamy is a better model for civilization, because it leads to there being 1 woman per man, thereby preventing large swaths of the heterosexual male population from being left with zero romantic success and a desire to engage in violence.

The mainstream media painted Peterson as having said that the government should force women to sleep with unattractive men to ensure that no man is left with zero romantic success (essentially, that the government should enforce rape).

Of course, anyone familiar with the anthropological literature behind the phrase âenforced monogamyâ or Petersonâs own writings knows that this is not what Peterson meant.

âEnforced Monogamyâ would more accurately be called encouraged monogamy; make polygamy illegal, and make monogamy seem normal via propaganda (this has already been done via decades of Disney movies).

Mainstream media, asserting that Peterson advocates for government enforced rape:

Petersonâs own writings:

Note: The experience of Peterson tells us that mainstream media outlets (New York Times) will brazenly misrepresent what you say, for the sake of damaging your reputation.

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