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$46k a month child support

August 9, 2011

18 years, 18 years
She got one of your kids got you for 18 years
I know somebody paying child support for one of his kids
His baby mamma’s car and crib is bigger than his
You will see him on TV any given Sunday
Win the Superbowl and drive off in a Hyundai
She was suppose to buy you shorty TYCO with your money
She went to the doctor got lypo with your money
She walking around looking like Michael with your money

–Kanye West, Gold Digger

Business Insider had an article last week titled Model Asks For The Biggest Divorce Child Support Sum Ever.  Despite the title, from what I can find the model (Linda Evangelista) never married the purported father (French billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault) of her four year old son.  The two were together while he was briefly broken up with his future wife, feminist actress Selma Hayek (source).  Despite keeping the paternity of her son a secret and specifically denying through her agency that Pinault was the father, she is now taking him to court complaining that he hasn’t provided for his son.  According to Business Insider she is suing for $46,000 a month in child support (just over half a million per year):

Evangelista’s lawyers claim that Pinault has given zero support to the child. The $46,000 that Evangelista is demanding will go towards nannies, drivers, and security detail for Augustin James, the model’s son.  The judge seems to be sympathetic to the demands because of the press this case will generate, apart from the $7,500 [per month] she wants for “vacation expenses.”

One of the comments on the Business Insider article caught my attention:

Tell me, if you father was a billionaire how would it make you feel once old enough to realize that your father paid $500 / month in support

That child should have the same lifestyle as if he were still living with dad. But that’s impossible seeing as dad was married and having an affair and oops! Should be 100K / month.
Keep you wiener in your pants.

I wonder how much Arnold is paying?

I’ve found this concept of child support as punishment for men to be a very common sentiment from women.  I seriously doubt that the woman making the comment would change her view if she knew that in this case the man wasn’t a cheater, and the woman was a divorcée who had previously tried to have a child out of wedlock with another man.  However, what struck me more than her hurt the man sentiment is the very valid question of how all of this will shape the child’s perception of and relationship with his father.  None of this money will be seen as showing the boy his father cared about him because it was forced from him by the court.  Plus, while the claim is that this money is for the child, most of it looks to me to instead ensure that his independently wealthy mother doesn’t have to modify her existing lifestyle while raising her son.  Per the New York Post:

“She testified that she wants to have a 24-hour nanny because she does not want to be alone with the child . . . Miss Evangelista, you should understand, has a worth of more than $8 million, and she earned, last year, $1.8 million.”

And a little later:

It’s understandable, too, for Evangelista to want another adult — a nanny — to be on hand given her security concerns and travel requirements of her job, the judge said.

“How many hours a week do you work?” the judge asked the model at one point.

“On days when I do not work, I am working on my image,” Evangelista answered, her voice soft, and tinged with defensiveness. “I have to hit the gym. I have beauty appointments. I have to work toward my next job and maintaining my image,” she said, “just like an athlete.”

“When I work, it can be a 16-hour day,” she added.

All of this would seem to poison the father-son relationship from the beginning.  His mother kept the name of his father secret for four years until she sued his father on his behalf.  From the father’s perspective, his first knowledge of his son appears to have been when this woman sued him essentially under his son’s name.  The father and son may ultimately be able to overcome this, but I can’t imagine what Miss Evangelista could have done further to ensure that her son will never have a positive relationship with his father.

You go girl.

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