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A Tale of Two Beaches

January 31, 2013

Beach #1


Mrs. Yes makes it a point to be warm and inviting whenever her husband storms her beach.  He is always welcomed with a kiss and a lei.

Beach #2

Field Marshal Gregoire has erected a few obstacles for her husband to overcome when he tries to storm her beach.

Pas de Calais, Atlantikwall, Panzersperren

This way to the marriage bed?

As a result, it is slightly less inviting.

Atlantikwall, Wachtposten am Strand

One night after a series of failed landings where her husband was thrown back into the frigid waters, he successfully navigated the obstacles.

Im Westen, Belgien/Frankreich, Panzersperren

The next day an unexpected gift arrived.


Is this a trick?

Field Marshal Gregoire was suspicious.  Was this unexpected gift an attempt to trick her into not manning the guns?

Frankreich, Atlantikwall

After a thorough investigation she fortunately determined that in this case, a thoughtful gift was in fact a thoughtful gift.  It would be absurd for a husband to attempt to manipulate such a wife, after all.

Image Sources:

Private beach image licensed as creative commons by Jarrod Trainque.
Atlantic Wall images (Machine Gun, Standing Guard, Low Tide, and High Tide) licensed as creative commons by the German Federal Archive (Bundesarchiv, Bild 146-1987-017-29A / CC-BY-SA)
Flowers image licensed as creative commons by Ian Muttoo.

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