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An unshakable faith in men’s benevolence. An inexhaustible supply of good will from men.

September 7, 2018

Feminism is ironically founded on an unshakable faith in the benevolence of men.  This is implicit in (as just one example*) the whole complaint about “rape culture”.  Feminists have faith that men will solve all of their problems, which is why they loudly and regularly insist that only men can solve their problems.  Any proposed solution to a feminist “problem” that involves women taking even the smallest of actions is immediately shouted down.  They know that the more they falsely accuse men of lacking good will, the more men will strive to prove their good will.  The more feminists act in bad faith, the more men will scramble to prove their good faith.

As absurd as it is it works beautifully so it is hard to argue with.  At least in the West, men’s goodwill really does seem inexhaustible.  An exchange I had with a commenter back in 2012 comes to mind.  I had written a post with advice to unmarried women on how to avoid the marriage crunch so many of their sisters are already experiencing.  Commenter Nas questioned my loyalty as a man:

You know this one thing really bugs me about many in the manosphere, the desire and need to give females advice. What team are you playing for anyway?!

I asked Nas:

Are you angry that I’m giving women good advice, or that they won’t take it?

He responded:

– Both but especially the latter.

*See here and here for other examples.

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