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Awkward Family Photos.

April 13, 2011

Until this weekend, aside from my wife and daughter no one who knows me in real life knows about the blog.  I told my sister about it over the weekend, and mentioned that it was listed in the Brainz top 100 Blogs list (which still has me floored).  She wasn’t sure what a blog was, or how to access one.  I sent her the url for this blog as well as the Brainz list, and waited for feedback.

Yesterday she texted me asking if I had seen the blog Awkward Family Photos on the Brainz list?  It is so funny she can’t pull herself away from the computer!

So I checked it out, and she is right.  Here are three which fit recent topics of discussion on this blog:


Caption from the AFP site:  All she wanted was a tire change, but she ended up with so much more.

No Rings for Sluts.


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