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Be quiet, lie back, and take it.

April 24, 2015

As reported by Ashe Schow at the Washington Examiner in Columbia student defamed by mattress girl is suing, survivor Paul Nungesser alleges that he was forced to remain silent during his long, humiliating, ordeal.  After a seven month university disciplinary process cleared Nungesser of the claims Sulkowicz (mattress girl) made against him, and after Sulkowicz’s appeal was denied, Nungesser claims he had no choice but to shut up, lie back, and take it while Sulkowicz and the university had their vile way with him:

Just days after Sulkowicz’s appeal was denied, she began getting advice from a publicist and Nungesser began being followed by the media, the lawsuit alleges. The accusers shared Nungesser’s name to the New York Post, despite a confidentiality agreement with Columbia. Sulkowicz also gave Nungesser’s name to a Columbia student reporter.

Nungesser had been abiding by the confidentiality agreement, and says in his lawsuit that Columbia University advised him to ignore the media. Nungesser says the school never took action against his accusers for breaching the confidentiality policy.

At the core of this alleged brutality is an astounding inability the university president and Sulkowicz to feel empathy for Nungesser as a fellow human being:

Columbia president Lee Bollinger is included in the lawsuit for publicly supporting Sulkowicz’s harassment campaign against Nungesser.

“This is a person who is one of my students, and I care about all of my students,” Bollinger told New York Magazine. “And when one of them feels that she has been a victim of mistreatment, I am affected by that. This is all very painful.”

Of course, no such care was taken for Nungesser.

Threats to Nungesser have appeared online and on Sulkowicz’s Facebook account, including one message suggesting Nungesser commit suicide. (Sulkowicz “liked” that comment.)

Hat Tip Instapundit.

Edit:  Courtesy of Jezebel.  According to Nungesser’s lawsuit, Sulkowicz’s ugly attack on Nungesser occured after her desires for him were unrequited:

As is evident from Emma’s Facebook messages to Paul during the summer prior to their sophomore year, Emma’s yearning for Paul had become very intense. Emma repeatedly messaged Paul throughout that summerthat she loved and missed him. She was quick to inquire whether he was in love with the woman he was seeing abroad.

Thereafter, she continued purusing him, reiterating that she loved him. However, when Paul did not reciporcate these intense feelings, and instead showed interest in dating other women, Emma became viciously angry.

See also:  Guilty until proven innocent, and nothing proves you innocent.

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