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Cleansing the palate.

September 15, 2017

As a matter of mercy, I thought I would include some manly videos this Friday after the sickening fruitiness of Tim Keller’s Redeemer Presbyterian Church worship video.

First up is a compilation of knife and sword tests from the reality show “Forged in Fire”.

In my opinion Doug Marcaida steals the show, and the next three videos feature him.  In this first Marcaida video he explains the philosophy of Kali martial arts on weapons.  His language is unashamedly masculine, and at the 2:20 mark he describes the fun of training with his brothers.


Next, Marcaida (a knife fighter) teams up with Instructor Zero (a gun fighter) to develop strategies for a gunfighter attacked by a knife.  You can also see in a separate video Marcaida referring to Zero as his brother.

In this final video Marcaida demonstrates the Karambit.  This is truly brutal business:

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