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Coming soon: Interview with Warhorn Media.

February 1, 2019

A few weeks ago Nathan Alberson reached out asking if I would be willing to join his podcast Sound of Sanity for an interview.  I declined the request to join the podcast, but offered instead to do an interview via email.  Nathan agreed, and we are nearing completion of the interview.  I’ve responded to all of Nathan’s original questions as well as his followup questions to date.  Once we are done Nathan will create a podcast regarding the exchange and I’ll publish the discussions as a series of posts lightly edited for clarity.

Nathan is the Creative Director of Warhorn Media, a media ministry of Clearnote Church, Bloomington, In.  Clearnote Church is Pastor Tim Bayly’s church.

Nathan describes Sound of Sanity as:

…a podcast combining discussion, satire, and storytelling to examine where we are as a culture today and remind Christians we’re the sane ones, not them.

My guess is I will start posting our exchanges either next week or the week after.  I doubt the exchange will change many (if any) minds on either side, but at least it will help us better understand where we disagree.  I appreciate that Nathan was curious enough to reach out to me and I have enjoyed our exchange.  More to follow once we wrap it up.

Update:  Click here to see the whole series.

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