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Duck pickin’ women

April 24, 2013

I happened to watch a few episodes of A&E’s Duck Dynasty, and the patriarch of the family (Phil Robertson) is a real character.  From his conversion story he started off a Roissy style alpha, into “sex drugs and rock and roll” until he was 28.  In college he played quarterback for Louisiana Tech with Terry Bradshaw on the bench as his backup.

Aside from his faith and obvious take charge personality, Robertson’s thoughts on men and women stand out for how counter-cultural they are.  I couldn’t find the examples I was looking for but in the search found a few which should at least give you a taste for his unique style and world-view.  In this first clip he talks about his wife’s need to “chatter”.  This clip makes him seem harsher towards his wife than the rest of the show does, because it is clear that he loves her very much.  Still, it shows his alpha aloofness:

Here he is advising his grandson on how to choose a wife:

Don’t marry some yuppie girl.  Find you a meek, gentle, kind spirited country girl.  If she knows how to cook, and she carries her Bible and lives by it, and she loves to eat bullfrogs, now there’s a woman!

(note the video shows him cleaning bullfrogs so if you have an aversion to seeing game processed you probably want to skip this one)

I don’t have a way to start an embedded video at a specific time, but you can skip to 1 min 13 seconds to see his related advice in the following clip:

William Penn would roll over in his grave if he could see what these Pennsylvania girls have turned into.  See these Quaker girls way back 200 years ago they picked these boys’ ducks. I guarantee you William Penn had a duck pickin’ woman with him.   But these days I said “Do you girls pick ducks up here?” and they said “No we pick pockets up here!”.   Hard to find a duck pickin’ woman in Pensylvania anymore.  You boys let it get away from you!

Their main problem is they are waiting until they get to be 20 years old before they marry them.  In Louisiana we marry them about 15-16.  Check with mom and dad before you pull a move like that.

16 year olds they’ll pick your ducks.  20 they’ll pick your pocket.

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