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Dude got a wake-up call.

March 5, 2014

He must have.  If he didn’t, he wouldn’t be reading this (H/T Empath):

Suddenly, divorce isn’t just some vague threat in your marital future. And now, the word you never thought you’d hear your spouse say is out in the open. It’s possible. It’s real. It has become an option, and you’re afraid.

Note also the inversion of the relationship between romantic love and marriage.  Where marriage used to be the moral place to pursue sex and romantic love, now romantic love is the moral place to pursue sex and marriage.  If not, why is the primary goal to fix the (romantic) relationship and not to teach Christians the biblical roles of husband and wife?

Marriage intensives exist for one reason only: to help couples on the verge of divorce and to begin the healing process for severely damaged relationships.

Modern Christian marriage is just another flavor of romantic relationship, wherein we turn to the Book of Oprah for guidance.  It is boyfriend and girlfriend officially recognized by the church and state.

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