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Father Hood

January 21, 2014

Commenter AlanB at Gucci Little Piggy describes the ghetto version of what I outlined in Intrasexual Competition and the Strong Independent Woman.  The following are excerpts from the first of several lengthy comments by AlanB on the topic (language warning):

But, if the couple gets along, and they accept their station in life, the woman receives her governmental support, well, the ONLY thing the baby daddy needs to do in life is be… A DADDY. He need not work, He need not be drug free, he need not be married or monogamous with the baby momma, he need not live with his babymomma or spawn, he needs only show the slightest fatherly respect towards his children to receive “the praise of all the hood rats”.. “he such a good dad”, “he plays with his kids”, etc etc .. So much praise, that the guy starts believing that even tho he is smoking weed all day and playing x-box, that if he picks his kid up from school 1x a week, he is a GREAT FATHER.. (that said, relative to A LOT of those jerk-off lower-class dads, he IS a great dad).

The actual value of the father comes from the mother hens (the older community women) clucking that he is a good dad cause he picked his kid up last Monday. And let me tell you, there is NOT alot to be proud of or happy about if you are living in the projects. not a fucking thing, least of all the MEN. So, if the neighborhood queens are crowing about how fucking amazing your man is. You as the mother of HIS CHILD (see the diff, good man, HIS child) will allow him as much access as necessary so that you can continue to be the center of GOOD attention in the hood. And by extension, if he is a good DAD, he must be a good “husband” (quotes cause they aint married) and therefore she will STILL have sex with him and maintain a relationship with him regardless of where he lives or who else he is fucking (and he with her, regardless of the same). Its not about him, its not about the kid, its about the attention/envy/admiration she receives for BEING ABLE TO HOLD ONTO HIM IN ANY MANNER. The fact that she is able to HOLD ONTO THAT GOOD MAN regardless of the situation is a testament to her strength as a woman (that how the woman thinks about it) and will eventually lead to her being one of the strong respected matriarchs of that community.

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