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For want of a lot of good employers.

May 29, 2019

Four weeks ago Anna Hitchings bravely told her story and the stories of women like her who are in their 30s and can’t find one good marriageable man in For want of a lot of good men.  Not everyone was sympathetic to her plight, and some on the internet even suggested that Hitchings herself may have played a role in her predicament.  Hitchings has since created a blog and set the record straight.

All of this has inspired one of my readers, and at my urging he is starting his own blog and agreed to write a guest post (below) introducing himself and his blog.  His name is Dana and he is part of a growing trend;  Dana is 32 years old and has never worked a day in his life.

——————– Begin Guest Post by Dana Hitchings ——————–

Hello Dalrock readers.  My name is Dana Hitchings, and despite recently turning 32, I’ve never held a job.  As you can imagine, when I tell working people this I’m constantly told that my problem is some combination of three things:

  1. I haven’t really been seriously looking for work.
  2. My expectations are too high (I’m too picky).
  3. I haven’t made myself attractive to prospective employers.

But none of these are true.  I know this because I’ve spoken at length with men my age and older who have never worked, and all of us are adamant that none of the three apply to us.  Some have accused me of having a blind spot in this regard, but I’m very good at seeing other people’s blind spots;  surely it would be even easier to spot my own!

The real problem is not me, it is employers.  I could write a book about all of the mistakes I see them making.  Over and over again, I see them hiring people who aren’t nearly as great as I am and going about their business.  Laughably, these employers have no idea how stupid they are being as they foolishly give these men raises and even promotions.  They have no idea they failed to locate the absolute best employee for the job, me.  They are totally oblivious!

This brings me to the first of two reasons I have decided to start my blog.  With all of my years of experience, I know what employers need to learn about hiring.  Granted, I don’t know as much as some other older bloggers in the field, but I’ll be able to leverage the wisdom of these older bloggers while providing a fresh, energetic perspective.  I’ll be writing regular articles offering employers effective, practical advice on how to hire me.

As I mentioned, I’m actually on the younger side when it comes to this field, and I owe a great debt to the men who came before me who got me to where I am today.  Now I want to pay it forward, and teach young men in their teens and twenties, and even early 30’s how to hold out for the best job possible.  This is the second reason I’m starting my blog.

For example, Wendell Griffith has forgotten more about not finding a job than I’ll probably ever learn.  Wendell is 55 and has never worked a day in his life.  Now that is experience!  He is a source of great inspiration to me.  At times I’ve felt tempted to lower my standards and accept the real life jobs that are all around me, but then Wendell reminds me that I am a prize to be won, and that God will send me His perfect job in His time!  If Wendell can be patient at 55, surely I can be faithful in my season of unemployedness.

Another mentor I hope to emulate is Randy Hale.  Randy just turned 40 and has never had a job.  Yet Randy has dedicated his life to inspiring others to be just like him.  Randy has been writing books on being unemployed since he was in his early 30s, and his expertise in this area really shows.  As Randy explains, the secret to a great career is having a truly excellent unemployed life!

I’d be remiss if I left out Leo Anderson.  Leo is 47 and still looking for work.  He has so much experience being unemployed that he now runs a ministry focused on helping young Christian men and women find jobs.  His enthusiasm is boundless!

Lastly, while he’s a few years younger than me I want to give a shout out to Alistair Rowe.  Alistair has a degree from Harvard Business, but still hasn’t been hired at age 30.  Granted, being only 30 makes him a bit young to be an expert on not finding a job.  But what he lacks in experience, he makes up in passion!  Alistair makes regular passionate youtube videos that inspire me and countless other men to stop worrying that we are doing something wrong.  As he reminds us, God is preparing us for the job He has prepared for us.  You can’t rush these things, as they will happen in God’s perfect timing.

H/T Ray6777

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