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August 12, 2013

Likely the fastest growing Game site in the Manosphere, Just Four Guys has a new post up reworking the never married data I shared here.  I haven’t gone through the numbers close enough to vouch for them, but I think you will find their analysis interesting.  Check out Marriage Rates Plummet–Projection of Never-Married Rates to 2017.

To celebrate their offering of charty goodness, I thought I’d pull out some additional graphics which didn’t make the cut for this post on earnings.  I’m not sure exactly what to make of them except that inflation seems to overshadow any real trends, but you have to admit they look pretty cool.menanimation womenanimation

Even better than leftover animated charts, grerp is back with new posts.  Check out Opting in, opting out as well as her other new posts.

In case you missed it, Vox Day had an excellent post the other day on the importance of nexting women who don’t demonstrate attraction:

Conclusion: as soon as you even suspect that a woman may have disqualified you, NEXT her and move on to the next one.  When in doubt, NEXT.  If you’re not sure, NEXT. If it’s a little confusing, NEXT.  If she’s sending mixed signals, NEXT. If you are getting anything but genuine enthusiasm to see you, unnecessary touching, and enthusiastic physical contact, NEXT.  Do not hesitate, ever.  No more than two dates should ever be necessary to make this determination from the male perspective.

When I originally asked my wife out, she gave me some lame excuse about having to pick a friend up at the airport.  I don’t really recall the exchange but I took it as a lame excuse and started to next her.  She insisted that it wasn’t a lame excuse, and at her encouragement I proposed we go out another day and she accepted.  This was roughly 20 years ago, and she still goes into a passionate explanation that she really wasn’t blowing me off if I tease her about it even a little.

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