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Have faith in self esteem.

July 12, 2017

The dominant religion of our age is feminism, and feminism means placing your faith in self esteem.  More specifically, feminism means placing your faith in women’s self esteem.  The fundamental premise of feminism is that if it weren’t for men tricking women into thinking they are different, women would either be just like men, or better than men, at everything.  This is why feminists consistently focus on make believe over real achievements.  In the religion of feminism make believe creates women’s self esteem, and self esteem will create real achievements.

Faith in self esteem is why Wonder Woman was of such out-sized importance to feminists.  It is why they didn’t just cheer during the action scenes, but sobbed, uncontrollably.  It wasn’t just that the movie scratched the feminist fantasy itch;  it was their deep and abiding faith that believing in the fantasy would make the feminist dream come to pass.  As Emma Grey explained at Huffington Post in  ‘Wonder Woman’ And The Power Of Watching A Woman Save The World:

I cried within the first five minutes of “Wonder Woman.” And then about 10 minutes later. And then another 15 minutes after that. In fact, I found myself choking up on and off throughout the entire 2+ hour film ― not because the movie was sad, but because I had never seen anything quite like it. Just the visual of seeing an army of ripped, powerful women charging down to protect each other and their world was enough to bring me to tears.

These were tears of empowerment, of seeing, and feeling, a great shift in history.  Grey and her fellow feminists were crying because they finally understood what it felt like to be a man:

Since “Wonder Woman” opened at the end of last week, my social media feeds have been filled with women talking about how meaningful ― sometimes shockingly so ― watching the movie was for them.

She offered the following tweet as an example of the sentiment:

But Wonder Woman wasn’t the only movie this summer aiming to transform nature by boosting the self esteem of women.  Ashley Stoney at Romper explains in Forget ‘Wonder Woman’: This ‘Cars 3’ Heroine Is The Feminist Hero Of The Summer. (Spoiler Warning)

Cruz has her own aspirations of being a racer, but she couldn’t, because she was always told she wasn’t good enough or fast enough, a criticism that will ring true to any moms who work in male-dominated fields. She’s plagued with self-doubt, but by the end of the movie, after the two have reconciled, and Lightning ends up entering Cruz, now his protégé, into the race during the final lap, much to the frustration of his peers. Of course, Cruz wins, a triumphant victory against the loud male cars who told her she was not good enough to compete with them.

Ultimately, the message of Cars 3 is an eminently valuable one: you don’t need a man to teach you things that you can learn yourself, because self-esteem comes from within. It’s a noble attempt to make girls realize their worth, and as parents, it’s our job to reinforce and further shape that notion.

As I wrote in the beginning, feminism is the dominant faith of our age.  This may seem like an overstatement to some, but this is true.  Very often feminism is dressed up as something else entirely.  Very often feminism masquerades as the previously dominant religion of our society, Christianity.  Notice how similar the overt feminism in the quotes above is to the covert feminism-masquerading-as-Christianity in the preface to Wendy Griffith’s You Are a Prize to be Won!: Don’t Settle for Less Than God’s Best:

There are many reasons why we as women cannot properly gauge our worth. Whether we’ve been raised by parents or a parent who simply didn’t know how to nurture and raise an emotionally healthy child, whether we have allowed society, men or a man in our past (or present) to define who we are instead of what God says about us, or whether we have endured cheating, physical abuse or emotional abuse at the hands of a man we thought would always protect us, there are numerous reasons why women enter relationships with the wrong men. The bottom line is we begin to believe the lie that we’re really not worth that much, and we end up being attracted to men who can never truly love us the way we long and deserve to be loved.

Men and society have conspired to keep women down, but if we can only teach women their worth, God’s will can finally be achieved.  Have faith in self worth, for Self Worth is a Christian woman’s source of power:

Do you know your incredible value? Do you know what you are truly worth? The way you answer this question–or, more importantly, what you truly believe is the answer to it–has the power to change everything in your life. Everything! The way we perceive ourselves, whether as royalty or peasants, as worthy of love or unworthy, will dictate not only how we treat ourselves but how others treat us. It will influence everything from how much favor we receive at work, to how our boyfriends and husbands treat us, to whether we fulfill our God-given destinies.

Do you want to know how to be a Christian wife?  Focus on your Self Worth and it will transform your marriage into God’s design!  Griffith explains that the battle for women’s self esteem is nothing less than a supreme battle between good and evil, between Feminism/Christianity and the Patriarchy/Satan:

Many of us have not seen ourselves as God sees us. The enemy of our souls has painted a bleak picture of who we are (not worthy of love, not talented, not beautiful, too young, too old, too fat, too skinny, not smart enough, etc.), and unfortunately, we have believed the lies and not lived up to our potential.

On the cover of the book TD Jakes reminds us of the same truth taught by Cars 3.  Women’s greatness comes from self esteem, and self esteem comes from within the woman herself:

Wendy Griffith reminds us that every woman has within herself the seeds of greatness.


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