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Help the Captain support Glenn Grothman

March 11, 2012

The good Captain has put out a call for help.  I’m admittedly late in responding to this, but he assures me that it isn’t too late for our voices to be heard.  As the Captain explains:

Forbes writes an article about a Wisconsin legislator aiming to bring some semblance of shame and responsibility to single parents deeming it a form of abuse or neglect. I wouldn’t go so far as deem it “abuse” or “neglect” in today’s legal terms, but it is at least damaging and is one of the biggest problems facing the US. Even the wording used said it’s a “contributing factor” which I believe is quite accurate (and I believe statistically provable if we correlate divorce and single-parenting with crime, abuse, neglect, etc. etc. – but let’s not let facts get in the way).

Of course the author and his readers mocks the Wisconsin legislator, presumably because they’ve never been brought up in a single family household and write off the damaging effects of single parent households as “bogus” or “hilarious.” You know, all you latch-key kids, all you fatherless or motherless children who had to grow up in the 70’s and 80’s. You’re morons if you think divorce or single parents were bad. You should be thankful you were brought into this world by two people incapable of bringing you up under a stable household. How selfish you must be. You want BOTH a mother AND A FATHER? Selfish little brat.

As the Captain noted on a follow on post, even Heartiste has weighed in on the topic.

If you have a minute and want to help, please leave your comment on the original Forbes article.

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