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Interviewing a Prospective Wife Part I: Should you open a position?

July 9, 2010

This is the first of a two part series on interviewing a perspective wife.  This first part will focus on if you should marry at all.  The second part will cover the actual “interview”.  As you likely already know, Marriage 2.0 comes with great risk for men.  This is undeniably true. However:

  1. The risk associated with marrying has always been great. Even when the legal risks were much smaller, the risks to your future happiness and your children’s wellbeing have always been there.  Marrying the wrong woman has never been something easily overcome. Even Henry the 8th had a great deal of red tape to deal with.
  2. The risks for men post feminism aren’t restricted to married men. If you want to avoid these risks entirely you will have to take drastic measures.  The Spearhead has a new post on just this topic which sheds some light on this.

More importantly, not all marriages are loveless, sexless hells on earth.  There is a selection bias on internet forums.  Guys who have been screwed are much more likely to want to tell their story than those who are happy.  I’ve been married for a decade and a half and am deeply in love/bonded with my beautiful wonderful wife.  We have grown so close over the years that friends and relatives often accuse us of being the same person.  On top of this we have two beautiful children who are the apples of my eye.  So if you are a beta guy contemplating marriage, my advice would be give it serious consideration.

At this point some readers are undoubtedly thinking:  Sure.  I felt the same way until my loving wife of 20 years left in a caravan that included the gardeners, the pool boy, and our milkman. I get it; one can never fully assess risks which might show up in the future.  Another will likely point out that he felt the same way until he realized that according to the laws of genetics, his four kids really shouldn’t have Afros.  I get that too.

So if you are a typical beta guy, you have to carefully weigh your choices.  If after reading the spearhead post on Male Self Defense 101 your reaction is lets take another look at that map, part two of this series should be of interest to you.

Before you do marry, it is probably a good idea to learn something about relationship game.  Some good resources are Married Man Sex Life, and Citizen Renegade (especially the post by Dave from Hawaii).  You don’t have to be a kung fu master at pickup, but understanding the basic psychology of seduction should be very helpful.

Answers to pre submitted questions from regular readers:

Q: I’m so alpha that every time I walk past a convent the nuns hack into my iPhone to send me lewd pictures of themselves.  Why should I marry?

A: I don’t think you should.  Have fun!

Q: I’m so alpha all of my LTRs will cluck like a chicken in one of four languages if I give the correct hand signal.  Should I marry?

A: No.

Feel free to post your thoughts on when/if a man should marry under marriage 2.0 below.  Posts starting with “any man who marries today is stupid” are entirely acceptable, as are posts specifically calling me stupid for being a happily married chump!  Also, feel free to post your feats of greater alphaness for mere mortal beta’s to weep over.

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