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Is it just me, or has the AP gone nuts?

February 16, 2011

Ferdinand is stirring it up over at his site, with a scathing post about the CBS Reporter who discovered that chaos reigned in the anarchic mob in Egypt’s Tahrir Square.  Here is a picture of the reporter when covering the Iraq War from Wiki:

She didn’t deserve whatever it is that CBS hints at but won’t say happened to her, but anyone who has been to a Muslim country knows that women shouldn’t wear see through shirts there as a basic safety precaution.  That goes double for western women in a war zone.  Any time you have to use a bullet proof vest as a cover-up, you aren’t properly dressed.  I’m just sayin. I say this as a man who traveled with his sister in Morocco and his wife in Turkey.  I wouldn’t have let either of them go out in public like that.

However, before you accuse me of being an insensitive ass, in her defense the reporter was on a man hunt at the time, and married men can be an elusive quarry.

After seeing Ferdinand’s post, I saw this story from the AP linked from Drudge.  This part in particular caught my attention:

Sexual harassment of women is an all-too-common occurrence on the streets of Cairo. But many women noted a complete absence of it in the early days of protests in Tahrir Square, where demonstrators made a point of trying to create a microcosm of the society without many of Egypt’s social ills.

However, in the final days, and especially after the battles with pro-Mubarak gangs who attacked the protesters in Tahrir, women noticed sexual assault had returned to the square. On the day Mubarak fell, women reported being groped by the rowdy crowds. One witness saw a woman slap a man after he touched her. The man was then passed down a line of people who all slapped him and reprimanded him.


Women went into the square expecting to be assaulted, and noted the refreshing change?  And the crowd passed a groper down the line, each one slapping him and reprimanding him?

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