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Jordan Peterson can’t handle the truth.

June 2, 2018

Jordan Peterson tries to morally condemn pickup artists without condemning fornication:

Peterson ends up twisting himself in knots, so it is possible that he had something profound in mind but wasn’t able to articulate it.  The closest he comes to a reason that pickup artists are immoral is to claim that they aren’t communicating in an honest way.

Even this doesn’t work, because pickup artists are in fact quite honest in their communication with women.  The women they are hoping to attract are looking for an exciting bad boy for no strings attached sex.  Through both their words and nonverbal communications, pickup artists are very carefully signalling that they are aloof jerks offering no strings sex.  If the pickup artists in question were really boring loyal dudes hoping to lure hos into matrimony, they would indeed be communicating in a dishonest way.  But they aren’t.

What bothers Peterson is not that PUAs are dishonest, but that their honesty offends our cultural assumption that women find chivalry to be sexy.

H/T Nick Mgtow


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