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Leadership means telling her she is pretty

October 1, 2015

Brian Dodd (the same blogger I linked to on my last post) explains that wives cheat because their husbands fail to show leadership.

I’m convinced women do not want to cheat.  I read many articles about the incredible guilt and grief they experience because of their actions.  Satan knew that when he tempted Eve that more than just one life would be destroyed.

Men, sometimes you can do everything right and there will still be women who simply make selfish, bad decisions.  However, most of the time if we practice proactive, loving leadership that is not passive, we can address these 6 reasons while protecting our wives and saving our marriages from the widespread and generational damage that results from infidelity.

If you are a worthy enough man, your wife is almost guaranteed not to stray.  And of course, the key is leadership.  Keep in mind that he isn’t talking about headship.  This is the kind of non threatening “leadership” modern Christians love.  Most of the “leadership” Dodd urges husbands to practice boils down to not letting their wives lose the tingle.  Key to that is leading by telling her she is pretty:

5. Her ego needs a boost. She needs to feel pretty again or get her groove back.  Husbands, if you don’t tell your wife that she is pretty, your passivity will open the door for someone else to fill that void.

Dodd offers a specific warning in this area;  if a husband loses his job and his wife goes to work, other men will tell her she is pretty instead of her husband.  In this case leadership means not telling her she needs to stay at home, but allowing* her to stay at home (emphasis mine):

If you are a husband who has lost his job or you stay home with the kids because your wife earns more money, be very careful.  She puts on a suit and goes to work every day where she interacts with high-achieving alpha males.  She gets complimented frequently because she looks good and is accomplishing much.  Then she may think she comes home to an under-achieving husband who takes her for granted.  Many times, this woman can think she deserves better than you and will act on that thought.  An office romance ensues.  If it comes down to it, husbands go to work.  Let her stay home regardless of the financial implications.

*Dodd tells us that he is a huge fan of Fireproof and War Room, and both movies feature wives who are career women.

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