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March 2, 2018

In response to Winning her over without a word. Larry Kummer of Fabius Maximus asked:

This is great commentary. For those of us unfamiliar with these discussions among modern conservative Christians, have you written about how these men should act in marriage — realistically, given today’s circumstances? That is, when married to a modern American women.

I haven’t written much in the form of specific instructions for husbands, but I have written a fair amount about the mind frame a Christian husband should have.  The following posts come to mind:

    • Hostage negotiator for life? is a short introduction into the topic.
    • Headship Game. gives some more detail, with a focus on aligning the concept of Game with the biblical role of headship and providing a framework to consider when a given Game practice is consistent with biblical headship.
    • Radio Silence and Dread discusses the topic of dread game and the problems with the concept.  In short, the problem with dread game is not specifically dread, but (potentially) the mechanism used to create it.
    • Slow your roll is a response to readers who missed the point of Radio Silence and Dread, and also includes some suggestions for a specific blogger who was dealing with an especially rebellious Christian wife.
    • From Cane Caldo:  Tacomaster desires steadfast love.
    • Reframing Christian Marriage (with links to the rest of the series at the bottom).

Less directly related to the question but potentially helpful posts to help a Christian husband maintain frame are:

To understand the tools feminists are using to defeat headship:

I’m sure readers will share other resources in the comments, both from this blog and from other sources.

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