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Men have biographies, women have grandchildren.

May 30, 2011

This is PA’s maxim, which he shared over at Gucci Little Piggy.  He shared this following whorefinder’s comment:

Despite all their fronts, women have naturally low opinions of themselves. Perhaps another way to put it is that women don’t define themselves by accomplishments (the way men do) but where they are in the social strata. Of course, a man at the bottom of the social strata feels the pain too, but if that man is an expert video game player, dancer, earns a lot of money, builds coockoo clocks with his bare hands, etc., he can take solace in that.

Women, no matter how much the lesbo-feminazis try to pretend otherwise, take little from an accomplishment. A straight female CEO who is 40 and without a boyfriend…feels like a failure. A stragith male CEoO wish 40 and without a girlfriend…feels great, because he’s either banging a new girl every night or hitting up a brothel (or both).

While both are taking it to extremes (and brothels aside), I think there is good reason to question feminism’s implicit assumption that what motivates and gratifies men must therefore be what motivates and gratifies women.  At the very least, feminism’s tendency to downplay the importance of family to women can ultimately leave them very unhappy.  PA’s maxim certainly is a powerful way of cutting to the heart of the issue.

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