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More remarriage rate charts.

October 7, 2014

There was a problem with the time scaling of the remarriage rate chart in my last post. Here is the fixed version:


I also decided to take another look at the data in the NCFMR paper I used for this post.  I created all of the charts below using point estimates I derived from the NCFMR charts with the Engauge Digitizer tool (H/T Inge). I used a different estimation method when creating this chart in the past so some of the estimates are slightly different.

Here is a comparison of men’s remarriage rates in 1990 and 2011 broken down into ten year categories.  Note that the over 65 value for 1990 doesn’t match the same value in the chart at the top of the page (16 vs 19).  These appear to be different data sources, and some of the difference could be due to my having to estimate the numbers in the chart below.  However, the 2011 value for men over 65 below is almost exactly the same as the 2010 value in the chart at the top of the page (13 vs 12).


Here is the same chart for women.  Interestingly while men in all age brackets have become less likely to remarry, all of the reduction in remarriage rates for women happened in the younger age brackets.  Even for men however the biggest changes happened in the youngest brackets.  This reduction in remarriage in the younger age brackets is bad news for women who want to have it all, because nearly two thirds of the women divorcing are under 45.


The next chart lets you compare men’s and women’s remarriage rates across age brackets in the present:


Here you can compare men’s and women’s remarriage rates back in 1990.  Note the same crossover as the 2011 chart between the first and second age bracket where men become more likely to remarry than women.  This fits nicely with Rollo’s chart on SMV.


Finally, I focused on the 25-54 age brackets and showed the trend for each sex and age category combination from 1990 to 2011:



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