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Rabble rousers

April 20, 2015

The Daily Mail has a new article by Peter Lloyd plugging his  book Stand by Your Manhood, and also referencing Dr. Helen’s Men on Strike.

Why men refuse to marry: Women complain chaps today won’t settle down. Sorry, ladies, but it’s all your fault, argues a wickedly provocative new book…

Lloyd goes through the string of problems with our modern family courts, an institution which exists in order to break apart families.  He identifies the root of the issue as a fear of ever holding single mothers accountable:

…everyone is petrified of inadvertently apportioning blame to single mothers, even though it’s not about them. Only recently, in a bid to woo the female vote, David Cameron said deadbeat dads ‘should be looked at like drink drivers’, yet said nothing about the mothers who deliberately steer them off the road.

As I’ve written previously, I don’t believe we are seeing a marriage strike;  I believe we are seeing something more ominous.  Still, the problems with the insane family courts and our social contempt for husbands and fathers are all too real, and it is clear that marriage delaying women are starting to become concerned.  This is a real problem for proponents of the status quo, because as women become more concerned the problems which have been swept under the rug for decades will now be discussed in the open.

The whole system is built on denial, with feminists and traditional conservatives standing in agreement that the only problem is weak men screwing feminism up.  But the more that this is discussed in the media, the greater the likelihood that we could start to see men striking, at least on the margins.  For this reason even attempts to improve the system are likely to make it harder for women to find husbands, at least initially.

All of the momentum which to date has propped up the system is pent up and will one day swing the other way.  When our society started changing the meaning of marriage nearly all women married in their late teens and very early twenties.  Now large numbers of women are delaying marriage to their late twenties and early thirties and more and more women are finding it impossible to jump into marriage at the last minute.  The problem for marriage delaying women is that they now approach marriage not in the power position in the SMP, but at an age when men are in the power position.  A panic at this stage would fundamentally shift the dynamics of the marriage marketplace.

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