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Riding the security carousel.

March 22, 2018

Pastor Douglas Wilson explains in Reforming Marriage why women’s sexual sin is different than men’s sexual sin.  When dirty men sin it is because they want sex.  But when misguided and unfortunate women sin it is because they are looking for love in all the wrong places:

If we interviewed a thousand men who were immoral and sexually promiscuous, we would find we had a thousand men with a lack of self-control with regard to sexual temptation. If we were to do the same with a thousand promiscuous women, we would not find a thousand women with a sexual problem, but rather with a security problem. They are generally not looking for great sexual satisfaction, but rather for emotional security.

Luckily normal women aren’t tempted to become promiscuous.  Only women damaged by failing fathers are tempted in this way (emphasis mine):

The girl has a big vacuum in her life—a need for masculine attention—that is not being filled by her father. When she enters adolescence, she will suddenly discover that she now has a commodity with which she can bargain, and she will be tempted to begin to use it. This is because she still has a need for the security, and a void that still needs to be filled with masculine attention. Now all of a sudden men are voluntarily paying attention to her. Before, as a little girl, she was a nuisance chasing after men, but now they are coming to her. Of course they are after one thing, and she is after another. They consequently make an exchange that makes neither one of them truly happy.

This idea that women’s sexuality is naturally pure, and only goes haywire when men damage it in some way is not unique to Pastor Wilson.  But it is not a message you will find in the Bible.  This idea comes from the new religion that replaced Christianity without anyone noticing.

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