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So you want alpha?

August 14, 2010

You’ve read about what an alpha actually is, and you still know this is what you want.  You’ve considered rolling your own alpha and even marrying a beta and then making him more alpha, but that just doesn’t have the same feel.  I’m here to help, even if I wouldn’t advise the choice you want to make.

The good news is alphas are available if you are an attractive woman.  You can choose from one of the following empowering options:

  1. Pump and dump
  2. Short Term Relationship
  3. Become a part of a PUA harem
  4. Have an affair with a married Alpha.
  5. Become one wife of several in a polygamous marriage.
  6. Marry an alpha.

Lets start with the glorious pump and dump.  All you need to do is be on the lookout for the smoothest seeming guy in the world.  Actually, just dress appropriately and he will find you.  Don’t worry if he seems like the greatest guy in the world, who knows exactly how you are feeling and you have an amazing instant connection.  You might be concerned when this happens thinking, wait a minute, all I want is a pump and dump and this guy seems like the man of my dreamsNot to worry.  Your pump and dump is all but assured.

Now on to the short term relationship with an alpha.  Actually your strategy should be the same as for a pump and dump, except you want to signal to him during the process that you are worth a relationship.  Go ahead and act as if you would be the best girlfriend in the world.  Most women err on the side of not signaling relationship potential enough to alphas, and get stuck in the pump and dump phase.

Becoming part of a PUA harem is easier than it sounds, which is good news for you!  Your best shot at joining this elite club is to fall madly in love with the PUA.  Aim for a LTR or even marriage in your mind (but don’t mention commitment).  You will know you are part of a harem when you feel like you are in a long term relationship with the man of your dreams.  Don’t worry about the lack of sign of other women.  Remember, he’s an alpha so it is guaranteed that he will be getting some on the side.  The more alpha he is, the better the chance is that you are part of a full fledged harem (which for strategic reasons you can’t see).

Having an affair with a married alpha is another great option.  Often times you can fall into this by accident by merely following the advice above.  If you want to jump-start the process, find a friend or coworker who is already having an affair with a married alpha and see if he can work you in.

Becoming a wife in a polygamous marriage is tougher in the US than the other options, simply because the law frowns upon this type of arrangement.  Joining a less formal harem is probably a better bet.  But if you really need absolute domination to find your tingle, you might consider emigrating to a country like Saudi Arabia.  I’m told there are plenty of alphas there ready to fulfill your needs.  As I understand it some areas of Utah can be a good place to find this kind of arrangement as well.

Marrying an alpha is the pinnacle of alpha chasing success.  Instead of being “the other woman”, you could be the one with the satisfaction of knowing he is having exotic affairs while remaining married to you.  This could be a point of pride for the whole family, your children included.  Very few women ever make it to this level, although many try.  For example, lets say you shoot for just a regular alpha, and not a lesser or super alpha.  By definition, his lifetime partner count is going to be between 100 and 500.  For simplicity’s sake, lets take the average of the two figures which comes out to 300 partners. Lets also assume that 1 in 5 of this level alpha actually marries.  This would mean roughly 1,500 women sleep with alphas for every one woman who marries one.  So chances are you will have to try lots of alphas before your number comes up.  However, this brings up another problem.  For an alpha (or greater beta for that matter) to see you as marriage worthy you will need to have a very low partner count.  So with that said, your best bet is probably to be extremely beautiful and try to marry an older alpha while you are young and inexperienced.  While the numbers are stacked against you, hopefully you can take solace at the other exciting and empowering ways to enjoy an alpha referenced in this post if your bid to marry an alpha turns unexpectedly into a pump and dump, harem participation, etc.

Now go out there and get your alpha, and report back on how it went!

Alphas: Any other suggestions?

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