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Songs of praise.

January 21, 2019

DC Larson at American Thinker notes that the creator of the Gillette ad takes a different approach when marketing products to women.  Instead of telling them how awful they are (but she hopes they will do better), she urges them to worship themselves:

She’d previously made the bizarre “Viva La Vulva” spot for Swedish feminine hygiene company Libresse.  In that surreal ad, objects that included a conch shell, sliced orange, papaya, and coin purse stood in as ersatz female intimate parts.  For the ad’s nearly three-minute duration, these items were manipulated as unnatural “singers” of Camille Yarbrough’s “Take Yo Praise.”

If you are in a position to watch a commercial featuring singing vaginas it is worth clicking through for comedic value, especially at 1:17 when the overweight woman looks into her underwear and confirms that she still has a vagina which gives her the self esteem every woman must have.

Note also the difference between this ad and the Egard Watches ad which praises virtues of manhood, not the virtue of having a penis.

See Also: Hail to the V.

H/T Nick Mgtow

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