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Sounds like bunch of 12 year olds.

February 13, 2015

The ladies of Jezebel describe the audience of 50 SoG:

The audience is about 98 percent female, and mostly in their early 20s.  …here we are, dragged in public like trenchcoated patrons at a porn palace. As the film begins, though, there’s a silken ripple of excited giggling. The whole thing feels very much like a sleepover.

A raunchy sleepover, that is. These are New York women: each sex scene is met with gasps, applause, appreciative snorts. Every joke, no matter how limp, goes over big. When we see a half-second shot of Christian’s pubes and the base of his dick, a woman behind me lets out a stifled half-gasp, half-moan, quarter-giggle. The same woman growls “yesssssss” at several relevant moments. She is not alone. This crowd is rowdy. This crowd means it.

I’m not surprised the audience was immature, but I am surprised the audience was so young. I would have expected more of the Twilight Moms demo.

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