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The sin of modern Christian men

August 17, 2013

In my last post I waved a bit of red meat in front of the crowd before explaining what was going on.  Many of the readers never got that image of the juicy steak out of their minds and were thereafter unable to form a clear thought.

This was in fact the whole point of the post.  The modern Christian man is unable to overcome the Pavlovian response, and those with something to sell know they can rely on this.  Christian women are in feminist rebellion, and as Pastor Baucham points out this goes back to Genesis.  But Christian men are enabling this rebellion, partly out of fear and partly out of following their emotions.  The advertisement for Stepping Up™ is masterfully tuned to push all of your non-threatening-Christian-headship buttons.  It is pure genius, as I conceded in the title and the post.  But the pathology is so deep many Christian men can’t overcome their feelings to understand the problem even when it is plainly put in front of them.

For those who still don’t get the point of the last post, I’ll recap.  Don’t worry, I’m not talking about women in that post.  Rebuking women is hard, and more importantly uncomfortable.  It doesn’t feel good.  I am talking about a man.  That feels better, doesn’t it?

There is a man named Dennis Rainey, and he leads an organization called FamilyLife.  The organization he leads hires women like Sheila Gregoire to teach Christian wives that biblical submission means not submitting to their husbands.  See the OP for the quotes.  Sheila’s teaching on submission shouldn’t come as a surprise to FamilyLife because Sheila has a long history of writing the most ridiculous things about what the Bible says regarding men and women and marriage.  Even if it was a surprise, FamilyLife never took the article I referenced down.  In contrast, when Dennis Rainey, a man, heard Pastor Baucham clearly preach on submission for Christian wives, Dennis Rainey felt the need to explain:

There’s a lot about the Bible that causes the hair on the back of my neck to stand up.

He also expressed discomfort that a man would be preaching the Word to women:

But hearing it from a man—it is interesting.  I think for some women—that makes it tough to hear….

…I feel like we poisoned the stream about—I don’t know—four decades ago and really made it almost objectionable for a message like this to be preached by a pastor—by a man—to a mixed audience, at this point.  I don’t want you to hear me apologizing that we did it…

This same man, Dennis Rainey, is waving a feel good message pushing all of your non-threatening-Christian-headship buttons in order to sell his latest project, Stepping Up™.  And Christian men will buy this message in droves, because it feels good, and doesn’t offend their feminist wives, mothers, and sisters.

Christian men need to stop acting like chicks and following their feelings over the Word of God.  Yes it is uncomfortable, but over time it will become more natural.

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