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The women at Christianforums are outraged!

March 14, 2012

You may recall the Christian forum I linked to in my post From cornerstone to stepping stone; the mainstream Christian view of marriage.  They are outraged that their private conversation on the internet has been quoted on this site!  How dare I use their own words to show how soft on marriage they are!  Christian forums is supposed to be a place where Christian women (and perhaps Christian men?) can be soft on marriage without ever being called on it. If Christians can’t be soft on marriage there, what place is safe?

The discussion thread is available here for your reading pleasure.

It is worth noting that the thread was started by the commenter who goes by the handle dreamer1982.  You may recall her from her thoughtful Christian insight into the threat staying in an unhaaaapy marriage poses to one’s soul (emphasis mine):

I think it’s shortsighted to judge people who divorce because they have been very unhappy for a long time. The unhappiness is the symptom of what is seriously wrong with the relationship…and if that can’t be fixed (because one spouse is unwilling) then it can feel quite soul-destroying to stay, stay, stay. I believe in commitment and working for the marriage in the face of all kinds of adversity, BUT i think there needs to be more love and grace offered to those IN or even LEAVING unhappy marriages. “I’m unhappy” may sounds trivial on the surface, but that feeling is generally just the result of something more seriously wrong.

For extra irony points, I learned about the thread after the site itself sent me a pingback to the discussion. For that I want to personally thank dreamer1982 for linking to my blog when she created the thread. I hope she appreciates that I went ahead and approved the pingback, and even offered the extra bloggers courtesy of making a separate post linking back to her topic.

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