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Their love for crossdressing is sincere.

March 1, 2018

Reader Swanny River commented on the zeal conservative Christians have for the husbands winning their wives without a word:

Take it from a submitted husband, the church has no limits and continue burdening husbands, even once they go to bed exhausted from servant-leadership.
So even if a man succeeds at doing wordless actions to win his wife, the church will not say, “atta boy.” That tells me their real motivations are probably different than they say. In other words, Force and Kendricks are crying crocodile tears for the state of believing households. The leaders are best at Status Quo, and they work to maintain their position, using whatever topic at hand. I made the mistake of thinking they think before talking or writing.

I agree that no amount of husbandly sacrifice or service would ever be enough to satisfy conservative Christians.  No matter how much they get, they are always greedy for more.  But I disagree that this is merely a tactic conservative Christian leaders use to maintain power.  They truly love the new model they have come up with (to replace the Biblical model).  There is a barely hidden giddiness that comes out when modern Christians speak of men submitting to their wives, and especially men suffering because of their rebellious wives, that isn’t in the biblical model.  The Apostle Peter isn’t giddy when he tells wives to win sinning husbands over through submission.  He doesn’t relish the idea of Sarah nearly being raped due to her obedience to sinful Abraham.  The tone regarding this suffering is serious, not triumphant.  Real wives will suffer due to the sins of their husbands, and Peter doesn’t relish this.  Compare the tone of 1 Pet 3:1-6 with Force’s cutesy delight at the idea of husbands suffering while waiting for their submission to win their wives over:

It must be noted that just as Christ loves and then allows us to respond, a man must enter that vacuum of sorts where he does not know how his wife is going to respond. He may be waiting a while, but if I remember, Christ patiently waited for us.

We see the same frame of mind when conservative Christians relish the sin of wives.   Rebellious wives are cherished because only then can the husband truly be made to suffer in his submission.  This is the hair shirt part of the hair shirt and chest thumping theology.  Repentance on the part of the wife would ruin the whole arrangement.

The biblical model has the utmost love for husbands and wives.  The crossdressing model is perverted and features an insatiable craving for rebellion and suffering.

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