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They’re her bros.

August 28, 2018

Cane Caldo shared a video from a local newscast:

Notice how this story demonstrates the two primal feminist desires that work cross purpose:

  1. Be (like) one of the guys (experience manly pride)
  2. Mark all spaces as feminine (extinguish manly pride)

Ms. Martin is careful to present herself as one of the guys.  They’re her bro’s after all.  And she hasn’t yet demanded an expensive remodel to all of the high schools her team might play;  she shows up for away games already dressed.  Her father is also delighted that his daughter is officially one of the guys.  Did you see her tackle that other boy?

But both the newscaster and her father are ecstatic that she is marking football as feminine.  The newscaster expresses his hope that football will never be the same, and her father is eager to point out that her very presence has forced the coach to change the way he talks to the team.

The end goal is obvious, to make sure football is no longer seen as a way for young men to prove themselves as men.  This won’t happen overnight, but just like with the military, it will happen over time.

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