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Vox explains Dalrock’s Law

April 22, 2013

Vox Day explains a key reason behind Dalrock’s Law in his post Alpha Male: the magic preference (emphasis mine):

Read between the lines. All women should try it at least once… because that will make this long-haired woman more attractive by comparison. And more importantly, note that women will readily say anything, no matter how ridiculous, in their attempts to get you to submit to their frame. The most effective way to deal with this is ask for explanations about their reasoning, which will of course rapidly reveal that it is sheer rhetorical nonsense.

In this case Vox is responding to a recent commenter on an old post of his explaining that short hair on women is less attractive than long hair.  This is one of those posts which continues to bring women out of the woodwork in desperate attempts to rebuild the mound.  This same thing continues to occur on my old post Are Women Done With Men After Age 55.  I wrote that post two years ago and yet it it is still one of the most visited posts on the blog.  As I write this it is the (current) 5th most popular post even though I haven’t linked to it in over a year.  Like Vox’s post stating the obvious on long hair, it continues to draw angry worker ants frantically trying to rebuild the frame.  My personal favorite comment on that post is where a woman wrote about a 79 year old “complete knockout” she knows who is about to marry a doctor (emphasis mine):

Sorry, but looks do matter to women. I also disagree that men age better than women. At least not the women I know. Meanwhile, these are not “frat boys” these women acquaintances and friends of mine are dating. These are guys close to them in age (in some case a few years younger), and these guys are successful, without exception. So they’re not looking for “sugar mamas.” Case in point, my mom has a widowed friend who is 79, is a complete knockout (she goes to a gym six days a week) and is about to marry a doctor. They have known each other since they were teenagers and he always had a crush on her, which did not diminish with her age. It certainly seems to bother you that some women actually have not been put out to pasture, and refuse to see themselves as “washed up” and undesirable. As I said earlier, how you see yourself determines how the world sees you, regardless of your age, looks or gender. So sorry if I don’t buy into your ageist, misogynistic BS. P.S. – There are worse fates than winding up with a cat. It beats winding up with some loser guy.

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