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Weak men will screw feminism up.

April 1, 2019

Larry Kummer writes in Sexbots are coming. Society will never be the same.

This month’s news about falling rates of sexual activity should remind us about one of the next big things in tech – sexbots. They’re coming. We’re not ready.

Several of Larry’s readers struggled to see this catching on.  This is understandable, but we should consider sexbots not as an isolated threat to a healthy society, but as part of a slew of distractions young men could turn to in their formative years while they wait for their future wives to tire of having sex with other men.

What we’ve done as a society is radically rework both sexual morality and our family model under the slogan What could possibly go wrong?  As sickening as the idea of men turning to sexbots is, our foolishness in this regard is what should most disgust us.

In my comment on Larry’s post I included a link to the video I shared in Time and Fantasy, as this kind of product could serve as a gateway drug to sexbots.  Looking at Youtube I see there is a new development:

Note how difficult the aging feminist in the video finds it to respond to a young man marrying a hologram.  Despite her revulsion at the idea, she is compelled to note that she still sees herself as too young to settle down with a boring loyal dude, and she reflexively assures her audience that she would never judge someone for their sexual preferences.

Conservatives are equally uncompelling in their arguments for modern sexual morality.  The part of all of this that is most shocking is how long we’ve been able to coast by on inertia.  We rejected marriage and real sexual morality decades ago, and so far most men are still playing by the old rules.  I don’t think sexbots will radically change the equation in the near future, but it is truly foolish of us to reject marriage and sexual morality and expect young men to never take this rejection seriously, or even get distracted along the way.



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