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White knights vs churls.

January 23, 2019

Cane Caldo described the difference between white knights and churls in the discussion of Call me unchivalrous:

Proverbs 30:29-31 (ESV)

29 Three things are stately in their tread;
four are stately in their stride:
30 the lion, which is mightiest among beasts
and does not turn back before any;
31 the strutting rooster, the he-goat,
and a king whose army is with him.

Before chivalry, an English king’s army was made up of churls; free men who were called up to fight. Most men were free in this time; perhaps 10% or less were slaves. It is cognate with the names Charles and Carl, which mean manly. I bet they walked like a strutting rooster, or a he-goat. We see bright colors of this idea in our Second Amendment. They have been watered-down as we refuse to give men authority and hold them to account for it, and so trust them less.

I forgot to add above: Now churl, which means man and is still the root of many of our names (Charles, Carl, etc.) is now used to communicate someone rude, or uncivilized. To be manly is to be unchivalrous or uncivilized.

Churls can keep Biblical instruction for men and women. Chivalrous men cannot.

Chivalrous men


*Edit: Sharkly warns that Google images included a NSFW image in the results for the second link (searching for “leg cling”).  I don’t see the offending image but I suspect our Google settings are different.

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