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Who cares?

January 21, 2016

Commenter yac-yac asks why a young man would want respect from a man who would tell him to man up and marry those sluts:

That, I think, is the epiphany, the moment of change: the awareness on the part of the young man, that the opinion of a Cuckservative has less value than a bucket of warm ratsh_t, as at least you could use the ratsh_t as fertilizer in the tomato patch.

“Man Up and Marry Those Sluts!”


“To earn My Respect[tm].”

“Why should I care about whether or not some random @$$hole ‘respects’ me?”

How much the respect of such a conservative is valued by a young man is a good question, but we should be clear that in the example given (Tucker Carlson), respect isn’t on offer for a man who marries.

We can see this by how flippant Carlson is about a system designed to disrespect the respectable.  He doesn’t care.  This was clear in the video I quoted in the previous post, based on his exasperated disinterest in the fact that honorable men are held in contempt by society.  If he respected men who marry, he wouldn’t have been so eager to shrug off the issues that Dr. Helen presented.

This is also clear in another video on the topic where Carlson reacted to a quote from Dr. Helen:

Dr. Helen:  [The] new world order is a place where men are discriminated against, forced into a hostile environment in school and later in college, and held in contempt by society. Maybe there is no incentive to grow up anymore. It used to be that being a grown-up, responsible man was rewarded with respect, power and deference. Now, not so much.

Tucker Carlson:  Every word of that is true, and let me say who cares?  If you’re a man, stop whining and reclaim your birthright which is masculinity, and masculinity and male power derive from responsibility. You don’t embrace responsibility, you have no power

If Carlson respected honorable men, he would be disturbed to see them treated with contempt, especially in a such a coordinated way. I imagine that unlike married men Carlson does have at least some respect for wounded veterans. Assuming that is true, would Carlson answer “Who Cares?” if someone pointed out that wounded veterans were being systemically treated with contempt by our government, and that this in turn was harming enlistment rates?


This may sound to some about fairness, but it is not.  This is about respect, and how men react to seeing men they respect being treated with contempt.  There is a natural revulsion to this, not unlike the natural revulsion to a man complaining that life isn’t “fair”.

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