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Won’t someone think of the children who want to become single mothers?

January 25, 2018

Commenter Evan Turner asks how Christian fathers are supposed to facilitate their daughters becoming single mothers without child support:

Wow i used to like reading the blog and comments on here but this is a true “jump the shark” moment for me. Child support is evil? Really? …

Everyman who has sex knows the risk, if they don’t want to pay for 18 years don’t have sex. We all know that there are consequences for every action. For Christians here to give cover to irresponsible men is disturbing. If there were no child support laws here and your underage daughter got pregnant what would you do?

Like nearly all proponents of the system designed to replace marriage, Turner wants to create a false dichotomy where everyone is either on team single mother (with him), or on team cad.   But I am on neither team, and neither should Turner be.  I am on team marriage.  Instead of worrying about the aspirations of children to grow up to become single mothers (keeping the dream alive!), Turner should be worrying about the millions of fatherless children born due to the family model he so passionately defends*:


Turner also roughly equates the child support model (which replaces marriage) with God’s law in the Old Testament (which forced marriage).

Do you think an irresponsible man in ancient Israel would have sex with a virgin without marrying her again after having to pay the virgin dowry or having to work off the debt for several years? Likewise a man who is paying child support for 18 years will think twice about being irresponsible again. I know some of these men who learned the hard way.

This is the other massive problem with the child support model.  It isn’t just that it offers women a cash incentive to become single mothers.  Defenders of the child support model, as both Turner and Brother Jed have demonstrated, provide a passionate moral argument that women deserve to have the option to become single mothers, going so far as to imply that the child support family model has God’s blessing.

*Figure 1 from the 2014 NCHS data brief Recent Declines in Nonmarital Childbearing in the United States.

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