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YMCA Game!

November 9, 2010

Since I first started reading Roissy and other sites in the manosphere, I’ve been talking about what I learned with my wife.  Her reactions have varied from:  I’ve always told you women were like that, but you would never believe me, like she said just today when I told her about Laura Grace Robins’ recent post on women’s friendships, to:  that would never work, to:  wow, I’d never have understood this if I didn’t know about game.

The last sentence applies to her friend(ish) who I’ll call Suzie.  Mrs Dalrock met Suzie when she was guest lecturing at an East Coast university.  Suzie was a grad student there and was married to another grad student.  She was in her late 20s, pretty, and had a good husband and a nice comfortable apartment in a good neighborhood.  Suzie’s life seemed to be on track and my wife had a great time with her while there.  Suzie’s father was a surgeon and her mother was a former beauty pageant queen, so she had always run with the country club crowd.

This was several years ago, and in the interim Suzie decided she was bored and would be better off divorcing her husband and finding a better man.  Her joining a feminist book club at the university may or may not have had something to do with this.  Much to her shock as an early 30s divorcee she wasn’t able to attract anyone as good as her ex husband, let alone anyone better.  She had a beta orbiter for a while, but he since married (and divorced) and in the meantime her SMV eroded at a brutal pace.  Since then she has pretty much dragged along the bottom, dropping out of grad school just one or two courses away from her masters degree and even spending some time in a mental institution.  More recently she has improved somewhat and now lives in low income housing and attends regular AA meetings.

She doesn’t actually have a drinking problem, but she has better luck finding men who want to date her there than anywhere else.  Unfortunately the AMOG of the local AA meeting isn’t interested in her, and she’s feeling the sting of her ex husband being engaged to another woman.  Her unemployed neighbor at the low income apartment complex also turned her down.  So Suzie moved in with a mid to lesser Beta man she met who has been out of work for 5 years and lives at the YMCA.

My wife just heard from Suzie that she was kicked out by her YMCA boyfriend and has to move back to her apartment.   Evidently Suzie irritated the AMOG of the Y, the guy who lives across the hall from her boyfriend.  The AMOG threatened to have the boyfriend kicked out because women aren’t allowed to stay at the Y.

But even more interesting is that the AMOG of the Y himself has a different girl over every night.  All of them very pretty women in their mid 20s.  They are always buying him meals and bringing him baked goods and other gifts.  One of them even bought him a car.  All I can say is, that guy must have some seriously tight game!

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