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You see our last ditch nuclear deterrent, feminists see an underwater frat house.

December 11, 2014

An unmistakable symbol of male privilege.

Time magazine published an article last week about sexual assault in the military titled This Is What It Looks Like When Women Come Out of the Shadows.  The article compares the work of Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) in the military to the work the same group is doing on college campuses:

But at a moment when awareness of violence against women has hit a high water mark after highly publicized incidents on campuses, in the military, in professional sports and in Hollywood, Thursday’s news holds out promise that victims will continue to feel more empowered to come out of the shadows across the country.

In fact, while the url for the article ends with “military-sexual-assault”, it is part of the “Campus Sexual Assault” section of the Time website:


It is clear that to hard core feminists and SJWs colleges and the military look the same.  The end goal is to do to the military what they have already done to college campuses.  The military is a SJW’s dream playground.  Colleges can only create SJW kangaroo courts with the power to expel men who are accused of violating the SJW code.  The military has real courts SJWs can use to dishonorably discharge men and even put them in prison.  SJWs are of course already well entrenched here, but it is worth considering that the end game is the same for the military as it is on campus.  If Yes Means Yes is needed in dorm rooms surely it is needed even more in the barracks.

When the nation debated integrating women into the military, especially areas like nuclear submarines, the argument from conservatives was that putting men and women in close quarters under high stress situations for extended periods of time would create problems of sexual assault and sexual misconduct.  This would potentially harm women as well as distract from the mission.  What conservatives didn’t understand is that to SJWs sexual assault and misconduct aren’t bugs, they are features.  As we have witnessed, if SJWs can’t find verifiable claims of horrific abuse to justify a full rework of the system they are quite happy to go with unverifiable claims.  The facts don’t matter because the point isn’t to protect women, but to inject them into high risk situations as pawns to justify the radical change of institutions.  This won’t distract from the mission from the SJW perspective because protecting the nation isn’t the mission they have in mind.  To SJWs the military is just another frat house that needs to be broken and remade with Social Justice as the primary organizing philosophy.

Fortunately for SJWs, the plan to put women on nuclear submarines is working as desired.  Now that we are here, the conservative response is only natural.  Don’t look for a concerted push by conservatives to return to a male only submarine fleet (that boat has sailed).  Look for a combined effort by feminists and conservatives to do something about those weak men who are screwing feminism up.

While most women who join the military are not SJWs, the reality is it was never possible to let women in without SJWs coming along with them.

UGM-133A Trident II photo created by the US Navy (140602-N-ZZ999-202).

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