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Anomalous Behavior

Donal Graeme
July 31, 2014

There is something I wanted to quickly point out today. An important bit of knowledge that it is always good to keep in mind.  We sometimes forget it here, partially due to the echo chamber effect, and partially because of the natural human tendency to impute our experiences onto others.

The “manosphere/androsphere” is not an accurate cross-section of society, whether American or “Western” in general. It is a biased sample, not a fair one, that skews heavily in certain areas. Most people (men in this instance) out there are “Blue Pill”, not “Red Pill.” They will not think or act the same as those who reside in this part of the internet. So patterns of behavior which might apply to men who have taken the “Red Pill” will not necessarily apply to those who are still “Blue Pill.” In fact I would go so far as to say that we should expect them to be quite different in a lot of ways.

Honesty is important, and an honest assessment will show that men in this neck of the woods are an anomaly. I certainly am. Now, that might change over time, and might even be changing now, but for the moment the majority of men are very different from those in the ‘sphere. These differences are even greater when we are talking about the Christian part of the ‘sphere.

One huge aspect of this difference lies in what a man might look for in a woman. A “Blue Pill” man will value and seek out traits and characteristics than a “Red Pill”  man wouldn’t, and vice versa. For some “Blue Pill” men an education is a must for a woman, while for some “Red Pill” men it might not matter, or might even be a negative. Some “Blue Pill” men might expect and want their wife to work out of the home, whereas a “Red Pill” man might expect and want his wife to stay at home and home-school the children. Things like age, work status, dress habits, sexual history and more will all be different to some degree. They are even different between “Blue Pill” men. In addition, both will have different ideas about red flags or things to avoid in a woman. All of which is to say that a lot of what is said here only really applies to the men in these parts, not necessarily the men outside of the ‘sphere.

This has a lot of ramifications. One of them is advice to women. I and others around these parts have offered various bits of advice to women who frequent or come across our sites. However, a frank acknowledgement must be made: not all of it will work that well on outsiders, i.e., “Blue Pill” men. Sure, things like dressing in a feminine fashion and having long hair are universal (or near to it). But pieces of advice won’t always work, or will have a low chance of success. Or will carry with it hardships or consequences when applied to the general population. Chastity is a significant one, and one I’ve highlighted before. [Given the overall environment, only the most attractive women can easily marry while refusing to sleep with a guy beforehand.] Some of my advice on being more forthright and forward as a woman might also carry problems with it when interacting with “Blue Pill” men. Added together, I should probably include “caveat emptor” to all my posts, or maybe “your mileage may vary.”

In summary, the manosphere is not an accurate representation of what average men are like in the world around us. For a variety of reasons we have found this place and call it home, and as a result think, act, behave and believe differently from everyone else. This isn’t the “real world.” So take everything I say with a grain of salt, and approach everything with an open mind.

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