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Divide And Conquer

Donal Graeme
October 24, 2015

I am currently working on the first of my “segregated” posts, which I hinted of here. My hope is to upload it by the end of tomorrow, if not sooner. Now, my original plan was to simply restrict it to male commenters. However, based on a suggestion by one commenter, I will instead create two separate posts. They will be identical in subject matter. The first post will be restricted to male commenters, and the second will be restricted to female commenters. Comments which violate the policy will be deleted. Those who transgress repeatedly will be banned.

Furthermore, I want commenters to stick discussing the post and the comments in their specific post. They are not to respond to comments in the other post. Act as if the other post doesn’t exist. Personal attacks across the posts will not be tolerated. Those who have questions may use this post for that purpose. Anyone who feels that they are being unfairly treated is invited to contact me via e-mail. Comments to voice grievances will again not be tolerated. We will see how this experiment goes before I decide to commit to anything in particular.

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