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Parting Thoughts Before The Break

Donal Graeme
July 1, 2015

As I mentioned before, I am going to take the month of July off from blogging. Unless something extraordinary happens I won’t resume posting until August. In the meantime I might drop a comment or two here or there, and will try and moderate comments here on the blog (although less frequently than I do now). Before I go, a few things I want to mention.

Free Northerner has a post up about Why Young People Leave the Church. While there is more to it than simply a lack of potential spouses, it is definitely a factor. After all, meeting your spouse in church makes it much more likely you will stay in the church (ties matter). The good news is that some Traditional Catholics seem to “get it.” Typically the younger they are, the more they realize things are broken and the more that they are open to when it comes to fixing it. Sadly, I don’t expect that this will help myself or my generation (save perhaps the youngest Millenials). But hopefully the next generation will have it easier, assuming we can maintain our communities, that is.

Keep your eyes on Europe. The mess in Greece has the potential for a lot of economic trouble far beyond its borders. At this point it is impossible to guess how far everything will spill over. Even more troubling, however, is Russia. I don’t think I’m being melodramatic anymore when I say that war is coming. Putin has put his country on war footing, and is moving Russia into an increasingly aggressive posture. I can’t say where that war will be, whether in Ukraine or the Baltic states, or both or somewhere else entirely. But I don’t think Putin is playing games. Not now. Russia has some serious issues internally, and they have made Putin desperate. Desperate men are dangerous, as they are willing to take risks others wouldn’t. I mention all of this because a conflict over there could find its way over here through various means. Cyber-attacks are a strong possibility and could cause major, major disruptions over here. Shutting down the EBT system for a week, for example, could cause quite a firestorm. Given all this, I would recommend that folks keep their pantries well stocked, and their gas tanks full, just in case. Hopefully nothing comes of it, but you never know.

On another note, the last few months have seen plenty of comments left on this blog which have expressed disagreement (to put it mildly) with the topics I cover, or how I cover them. Many never were approved, but they were there all the same. I just want those who have left them to understand that I am unconvinced, and unimpressed, with their efforts. If what I write offends you, stop reading my blog and go elsewhere. Those of you who are easily offended should consider this a “trigger warning.” When I resume blogging in August I intend to say all kinds of offensive things which will offend your delicate sensibilities.

Finally, since I will be gone for a while, this post will serve as a sort of off-topic post should anyone feel like so using it. Feel free to leave comments or links or carry on all manner of discussions. Any particularly worthy links might be added in updates to this post, should I feel it warranted. Post requests are acceptable, of course. And should anyone have any ideas for guest posts, I will be glad to host them in July while I’m gone. And with that, I am signing off (mostly), for now. I’ll leave the light on for everyone.

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