Fundamentals on Steroids

In the upcoming year I'll focus more than on select 'groups' of guys.

This list will include (but won't be limited to)- minorities, short guys, older guys (39+), bodybuilders/athletes, club scene and guys with fetishes.

For starters- their focus is not drastically different than other guys.

They need to make every effort to maximize their fundamentals, which getting the following to be at least above-average-

These are particularly important if you are limited by some sort or form of genetic ceiling such as height or your current age.

For the purpose of this discussion, we are going to focus on shorter guys - even though the following advice will helpful to just about everyone.

I know a handful of guys that are below 5 foot 8 inches that tag/can tag 30+ attractive girls a year, one of which is one of my oldest friends- Kevin, who's slept with an Oakland Raiders cheerleader and girl that was in Playboy's 2009 college girls issue (not a centerfold or "Playboy Bunny").

Ricki-Hall-Tattoo-and-Beard-Male-Model-2 The model in this article IS NOT the guy discussed in the article.

These short(er) guys have the following in common, with any exceptions noted-

  • They are not usually above 10% body fat and generally have FULL ABS during the Spring, Summer and Fall months.
    They all look 'athletic' and none of them look like bodybuilders (not anymore). They are not scrawny either.
  • They wear shoes or insoles in their shoes to make themselves at least 2.5 inches taller, even up to 4 inches.
    They laugh at others guys that have too much pride to give themselves an obvious, major advantage.
  • They all "Dress Like Their Somebody" and often get asked (or their friends get asked) if they are some level of celebrity.
  • They all rock a 'more-edgy-than-average' style OR simply an "I have money more money than you" style.
    Not one of them would be confused for boyfriend material or a provider.
  • They all standout in style and presence and often have average, undersexed guys referring to them as "douchebags".
  • They all know how to dance, REALLY WELL.
  • In bars and clubs - they are REALLY aggressive, often grabbing girls and using their dance moves before speaking to them.
  • Most of them know how to fight.
  • They speak loudly and often annoy taller, more passive guys.
  • They make eye contact with girls from a short distance, rather than trying from long-range.
  • They don't concern themselves with issues like, "who should pay for that coffee/drink/sandwich", "what does this text mean", they are solely focused on Getting Laid, should that be their goal.
  • Most of them have tattoos.
  • Nearly all girls would agree that each of them was at least above-average looking.
  • They take pride in holding their own and embrace competition even though they are the 'underdog'.
  • They shamelessly hit on a lot of girls. Sometimes upwards of 30 a night.
  • NO ONE mistakes them for being not cool or a submissive dweeb.
  • All of them "faked it until they made it," just like every other guy does.

If you asked them, the majority would still admit their height was their biggest insecurity.

Yes, it's true.

Insecure, shorter guys can get laid too.

You don't have to mindfuck yourself into being 100% SECURE with everything to nail a bunch of girls.

In fact, some insecure guys Get Laid all the time.

Why? How?!

Because they look good and talk to women.

Something that most insecure guys aren't doing.

Most insecure guys are too busy...

Being insecure.


We'll have to pick this up another time.

Just know that short guys can get attractive girls and can in some cases- even get attractive girls that are taller than they are.

But it's not the average short guy that doing this-

It's the top .1% short guy.

There's usually 1 in every other bar, nightclub, cooler fraternity/social circle with hot girls, etc. but there's not too many of these guys.

Rather than saying, "What a douchebag..."

You might want to take notes.

I'm going to turn things over to a guy that been around the Good Looking Loser community for about a year.

Like most of us - at one point in time, he found himself addicted to a specific girl and in a submissive position (which he called "a relationship") trying not to lose her for fear he'd never have sex with a human again.

When things ended, like some of us - he found himself in an even more hopeless position being single, unattractive and feeling invisible to the opposite sex.

Like very few of us - he stands only 5 feet, 1 inch tall.
* it is notable that, once he got himself in shape - he became quite masculine and good looking. He is not your average short guy. He is not your average any-height guy. Nowhere in my writing or his story should you have any faith if the only thing you have in common with him is your height. And That's the point... SOME GUYS WILL REQUIRE MAJOR CHANGES. If you are in your mid 20's and haven't been getting action- you might need to look like an entirely different person.

Just so you know-

The guy looks like Scotty.

Actually he's a cross between Scotty and the "Bearded Model" (Ricki Hall, posted throughout).

Edgy style, tattoos, masculine face.

For privacy sake he didn't want his pictures or identity to be on our site.

So you'll have to go by the examples, which are pretty close to what he looks like - minus the exaggerated beard.

"Scotty Meets Ricki Hall"

And Just so you know-

He's a believer - with the exception of the dick exercising (I think), he's run with just about EVERYTHING we preach obsess about here.

This type of guy is RARE. I'm going to repeat that a few times. RARE.

I know less than a handful of other shorter guys that have a similar lifestyle and enjoy the same kind of success- so it is possible.

If you are viewing - chances are- you're RARE. So that's a good start.


My Dearest, Shortest Losers- 

I've seen a lot of posts regarding height insecurities lately.

Although on first impression you might think I'm taller...

- I'm 5'1. 

I was in the exact same position about 9 months ago, when I first found GLL, so I'd like to share my story.

9 months ago, my girlfriend of 4+ years broke up with me. My life revolved around keeping her happy, and I thought the best way to do that was to give her all my time. I had sacrificed law school, going out with friends, creative goals, gym time - anything to satisfy her need for more attention.  Without her, my life was empty.

ricki hall tattoos photo shootAfter the breakup, I went out with the intention of sleeping with someone.

I remember the anxiety I felt just thinking about introducing myself to women.  The few times I built up the courage to start a conversation, I was ignored.  This pattern repeated itself for the next few weeks, and it was slowly chipping away at what little confidence I had left.

I decided I needed a new plan.

I knew I wanted to lose weight.  I wasn't fat, but I wasn't ripped.  Somehow, after hours of googling, I ended up finding GLL's Fat Loss Diet.

I followed it 100%.

I kept a scale in my living room, directly in front of a large mirror, and I nailed a piece of paper to the wall where I tracked my weight daily. I kept a notecard in my pocket with the words "GLL Fat Loss" written in sharpie.  Every time I sat down to eat, I placed the notecard on the table, reminding myself of my #1 Goal.  I was unstoppable.

As I lost weight, I felt myself slowly transforming, physically and mentally.

My abs began to pop, and my face became more angular. I had to buy smaller clothes, and I took this opportunity to upgrade my style.

I started reading other GLL articles and realized I had approach anxiety, so I made a point to chat with women every day. As I lost weight, my interactions with women completely changed.  If I asked for directions somewhere, many would offer to walk me there. Women at bars would tell me I was attractive, introduce me to their friends, and give me their number without me asking.  All of this validation was intoxicating, but I was still just meeting women - I was too scared to make a move.

Then I tried Kratom.

The first night I took it, I went to a bar and made out with three different women.  It was a revelation to what talking to women was like without anxiety.  The next weekend, I met a beautiful photographer.  I made eye contact with her at a bar, smiled, and chatted with her for a couple of minutes.  All of Chris' advice came flooding into my brain.  I touched her, brought her outside to kiss her, drove her to my house, and slept with her.  All of my self-improvement paid off- it was effortless.

Over the past 6 months, I've slept with about 20 women, I have 4 women I sleep with regularly, and 1 of these women I see 1-2 times a week.  I know I can go out any weeknight and have a decent chance at bringing a woman home, and this abundance mentality lets me do what I want 100% of the time.

ricki-hall-tableI'm still a sweetheart.

I fall in love with every woman I sleep with, if only for a night, but they know I won't tolerate bullshit.  Sometimes I miss having a girlfriend, and I think about having a family someday, but the next relationship I have will be entered into from a position of power.

So, how does my height effect my success?

Well, many women bring it up at some point, especially the ones over 5'8. "I'm so much taller than you", "You're really short".  I've learned, though, that the ones that bring it up are usually interested in me.  Some women will straight up not get with shorter guys, but they ignore me, and I don't see any point in dwelling on that.

When I'm out, I get shit from guys.  "Who does this guy think he is?", "What's up little man?".

I used to get angry about it, but now I just smile, introduce myself, and I generally befriend them.  I've found that most guys talking shit aren't happy, and I feel sorry for them.  The rare times this doesn't work, I stop talking mid-sentence, step into their personal space, look them straight in the eye, and say "What's up?".  I've never had anyone fuck with me after that.  Will this get me punched in the face someday? Maybe, but it would make a great story.

All the time guys waste moaning about their height could be spent at the gym, talking to women, and working on life goals. It still boils down to looks, style, and social freedom.  My life improved dramatically when I let go of insecurities, got out of my head, and committed to getting shit done.

Final Thoughts From Good Looking Loser

In order to explain why this "short guy" is nailing a bunch of women, it's important for me to reiterate that-

This guy isn't your average short guy.

This guy isn't your average anything.

He's cool.

He's in good shape.

He's attractive as can be.

His look screams "SEX, DRUGS and ROCK & ROLL".

He's got A LOT of cool friends.

He has his own nightlife "scene".

On his Facebook, 20+ girls have "liked" his profile picture that he put up 2 days ago.

Equally as important- he's motivated to improve upon all he has.


There's nothing average about him.

And That's the point.

He made the choice along time that he wasn't going to be average and it's all paying dividends for him today.

If he wasn't attractive, cool, in good shape, popular among his circles - none of this would be happening. Not even if he was 6 foot 3.

To be quite honest, and I haven't chilled with him personally, VERY FEW guys are on his level.

If you are motivated by his story, before you start debating "can this be me?" - recognize that it won't happen overnight, possibly not in a year - but IT'S POSSIBLE.

update: The guy in this discussion goes by the name 'JimWendler' in the forum.