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Approach Anxiety Program - Week 1

Good Looking Loser
March 25, 2013

Libertad (Get Liberated) - Week 1

Welcome to Week 1.


IntroductionDo the Drill and NOTHING ELSE.

As much as I'd like to throw you into the fire, that's not how we do things.

We are going to talk about some things. You are going to listen to some audios. The specific steps are given day-by-day, literally step-by-step below. There shouldn't be any confusion on what to do.

I'm going to pound into your fucking head why you will (or will not) be successful at this. I'm also going to remind you that changes occur on a daily basis but usually aren't necessarily "seen" for a couple of weeks.

At the same time, I'm going to remind you to relax.

After all, by starting this program you agreed to-

if you need reminders about what you agreed to, go here- Approach Anxiety Introduction

Your only responsibility (goal) is to DO THE DRILL and LEAVE.

You are on this page because you have approach anxiety (and possibly undiagnosed social anxiety).
It is a fragile time.

Toward the middle of the week, you'll being doing some easy drills.

If you are unable to do them, it will be clear to both you and I that- we have to address your social anxiety first.

Keep in mind though, you aren't necessarily part of some socially-handicap-reject group. The AVERAGE guy doesn't talk to women he doesn't know, especially not the hot ones and especially NOT FULL-ON approaches where he really goes after that pussy. The AVERAGE guy has approach anxiety and will be somewhat nervous to do try most our immediate drills.

Obviously you aren't here to be the AVERAGE guy, but I wanted to put in perspective that you aren't all fucked up if the idea of approach hot pussy is scary for you. You are probably just normal.

The program is listed Day-by-Day, since you'll probably take some days off (I suggest no more than 2 in any 10 day period)- just pick up where you left off. If you are on Day 3 and take the following day off, you will be on Day 4.

Important: Days When You Can't Finish All the Drills

As you will see, most of the days have 2 or more sets to them, in total you usually aren't talking to more than 20 girls.

Sometimes, for whatever reason, you won't be able to do all your drills.

What I want you to do is just pick up where you left off the following day.

For example, if the drill on Day 26 calls for-

  • Walk a circle around 10 girls saying "tick tick tick tick" (like you are a clock)
  • Repeat this 2 times, you will talk to 20 girls in total.

If you only do half of the drills, indicate that in your log.

Day 26a
- Walked circles around ten girls, went just fine.
Had to take a Math test, so I'm doing the other half tomorrow.

- Finished the Day 26 drill that I started yesterday.
Even easier today.

Just do it like that.

There's no reason to feel you have to do ALL or NOTHING because on most days you will end up doing nothing.

At the same time, I don't EVER want you skipping drills.

The harder drills are the ones you should repeat the most. The guys that are serious will do this.

This is not a race.

The guys that repeat drills until they achieve comfort will be the same guys that will be thrusting their penis in and out of multiple vaginas in the near future. Simply "getting it over with" doesn't get you better. Just "saying you did it" certainly doesn't either.

Audios for Day 1-7. mp3/iPod compatible- Approach Anxiety Program Audios Week

Approach Anxiety Day 1 (Come Say Hi)

0030(53).jpgToday you are going to introduce yourself to us.

Today, this is what you need to do-

  1. Make an account on the forum.
  2. then read this: "Read This, Before You Introduce Yourself"
  3. and then introduce yourself here: "Introduce Yourself to the Good Looking Loser Community"

Audio Day 1 (14:20)

  • Am I really committed to this?
  • #1 Goal = #1 Priority
  • This isn't the hardest thing ever.
  • It starts off easy, gets progressively harder than it will seem easy again.

The drills start on Day 4.

Approach Anxiety Day 2 (Begin AA Log)

Today you are going to sign the Approach Anxiety Petition and start a thread in the Approach Anxiety section.

funny cartoon geniusThis will be your ongoing journal.

Today, this is what you need to do-


Second- start your ongoing journal-

Remember- if you want extra help DO A YOUTUBE vlog. It's not for us, it's for you. is going to be the most engaged community in the entire "industry," we'd like to get to know you.
So don't be a stranger.

The format is pretty simple-

  • Make up whatever title you want.
  • Every day begin the thread indicating what day you are on.
  • Repeat 

Today's post could read:

"I'm going to flush AA down the shitter"
Day 2
What I did:
- Signed the petition
- Started my journal (here)
* whatever else you want to say

You are free to share whatever you want. If something funny or strange happened, document that.

Remember though- what is MOST IMPORTANT is that you EXECUTE. You have got to learn to EXECUTE. Any "skill" or "smoothness" involved in picking up women is simply a guy EXECUTING his game plan. I sometimes look "smooth" because I am simply EXECUTING a repeatable plan with confidence. You can learn to freestyle or whatever later. You have got to get used to just walking up to girls and saying a few things. We'll build on that.

Got it?

Audio Day 2 (6:00)

  • Sign Petition
  • Open your AA Journal
  • Learning to execute


Approach Anxiety Day 3 (POF/OkCupid)

funny cartoon managerToday you will be setting up your online dating profile.

This will get you some dates, emotional support and possible pussy while you are beating your AA. Online dating was HUGE for me when I beating AA. Every week would begin and I'd have 5-10 girls trying to meet up with me. It made things MUCH easier.

Don't be the guy who isn't getting laid but is "too cool" for online dating.

Did you sign the Approach Anxiety Petition?

Did you start your ongoing journal or Vlog in the Approach Anxiety forum?

If not, go back to Day 2.

We don't need you falling behind or skipping over steps. NOT NOW and NOT over the next few months.

Today this is what you need to do-

  • Go to or and start an online dating profile.
  • If you need help, follow this EXACT blueprint- "Rooster's Guide to Plenty of Fish"
  • Don't worry, you don't need to have the "perfect" profile today, you'll make changes over time.
  • When you are done, post a link to your profile in AA journal. Ask specific questions if you need to.
  • Okay cool, now go message girls for 30+ minutes.
    Follow Rooster's process and collect as many numbers as you can in 30+ minutes.
    Repeat this EVERYDAY do don't do Approach Anxiety drills. Or more.
  • Go write the [Day 3] entry in your AA journal.

Audio Day 3 (14:55)

  • Online dating was huge for me in 2008. It was one of the reasons I didn't quit.
  • My friends that do a lot of online dating vs. the average guy who doesn't.

Approach Anxiety Day 4 (Drills Begin)

funny cartoon office workerToday you are going to do a fairly easy drill.

It might take a little bit to get started but you should find that it gets either no harder or easier as you gain 'social momentum' and start feeling good about EXECUTING your plan.

Today is suppose to be easy, remember- we build SUCCESS upon SUCCESS, rather than trying to re-frame failure over-and-over like approach can do.

Do the drill, GET IN and GET OUT.

Day 4 Drill (Level 1)

  • Walk up to 5 women and ask them for the time. LEAVE.

You can say whatever you want, just LEAVE after

If in doubt- listen to my 10 second of asking a girl for the time. Just do that 5 times and call it a day.

You'll notice that at 99% of the women (if they speak your language), will try to help you and tell you what time it is or apologize for not knowing. That a general theme you'll see with any women you approach, if they are emotionally healthy- they'll politely comply with your requests. Any women that won't give you "what time it is" has problems far worse than you do.

Write the [Day 4] entry in your journal.

Audio Day 4 (11:00)

  • First day of drills!
  • Very basic drill (Me doing it on a pretty brunette)
  • Ah! I'm all alone!

If you were unable to do the drill or weren't happy with your performance (NOT the reactions you got) - feel free to repeat this day.

Approach Anxiety Day 5 (Easy & Faster)

funny cartoon builderToday you are going to do yesterday- faster. 

Welcome to Day 5.

If you were unable to do the Day 4 drill, go back to Day 4. The drill isn't particularly difficult, it's something that everyone has done before, you may have just psyched yourself out some for reason. Try again.

If you were able to do it, regardless if you felt anxious (you should have a little bit, that's the point)- you did it. You EXECUTED.

Believe it or not- that's social freedom. It's just small dose because your outcome-independent interaction was just ~10 seconds -- but that's what social freedom is. That's what social freedom feels like. Eventually you'll be able to do full-on approaches with the same level of comfort.

You might have felt the asking the 4th girl for the time was easier than asking the 1st girl. That's social momentum (your 'state' improved). You'll come to see this more-and-more. Roll with it- it's like when Super Mario gets that "power star" thing and he runs around killing all the monsters and music is all fast.

Now just do that until you beat AA and that will be it.

Day 5 Drill (Level 1)

  • Walk up to 5 women and ask them for the time. LEAVE.
  • Walk up to 5 women again an ask them for the time, but do the drill faster. LEAVE.

Same deal guys.

After you talk to the first 5 women, chill out for a while.

Then go do it again and try to do it slightly faster.

You might find that doing it faster is easier.

Write the [Day 5] entry in your journal.

A guy from the forum 'JoeKnowsPussy' took about 90 minutes to do this drill the first time, 5 girls - 90 minutes.
In just a matter of weeks he was able to do the drill in under 2 minutes. Yep, 5 girls - less than 2 minutes.

How did he do it?

He just did it.

Audio Day 5 (26:00)

  • Lets talk about the Day 4 drill again. One baby step forward.
  • That is social freedom (no really, that what it feels like). Cherish social freedom.
  • Don't need to be a Zen Master to nail hot girls. You can even be a little nervous.
  • Levels don't exists: Chris picked up an A-List celebrity (and got concert tickets) in 2006 when he had AA. Nothing like that has happened since.
  • Baby steps forward; if you feel a little nervous - that's what is supposed to happen. It's not exposure therapy if you aren't somewhat nervous.
  • Learn to fight for every inch.

If you were unable to do the drill or weren't happy with your performance (NOT the reactions you got) - feel free to repeat this day.


Approach Anxiety Day 6 (Basic Drill)

funny cartoon superheroGood job so far.

Although it sounds silly (you've only asked 15+ women for the time), I want to give you a "congrats" and give you some perspective.

Think back- how many of those women were "mean" to you?

The majority of them responded in the exact same manner- by giving you the answer to your question.

Also- you've talked to 15+ women in the past few days, the average interaction was probably about 15 seconds. Guess what?

That's 15+ women more than the average guy has interacted with. That's 15+ seconds more outside your comfort zone than the average guy is willing to step.

Although you aren't here to be "above average," the average guy doesn't get laid or speak to women he doesn't know during the day. Just know that you are on the path to social freedom which will ultimately land you so far ahead of the average guy.

It's going to happen one day at a time.

Today is Day 6.

We are going to start having slightly longer interactions today.

We are going to follow the time-directions-etc. format that are may be familiar with if you've read our stuff.

Go up to a girl and ask her for the time. Leave after.
Then go up another girl and ask her for the time and directions to a nearby location. Leave after.
Then go up to a third girl and ask her for the time and directions to a nearby locations and ask her if she's been there. Leave After.

This is the format that we write the drills in so easy explanation-

Day 6 Drill (Level 1)

  • Time, Leave
  • Time, Directions, Leave
  • Time, Directions, Have you been there?, Leave
  • Repeat this 5 times today, you will speak to 15 girls in total.

Pretty simple, right? In the audio below I'll explain it briefly if you are confused.

Audio Day 6 (21:30)

  • 'Time-Directions-Have You Been There?" Explanation
  • What you should realize from asking 15 girls for the time over the past 2 days.
  • Honeymoon period will be over soon, the "What the fuck am I doing?" period will set in.
    Embrace it, if you are here- you are different. So stop thinking about being normal.

If you were unable to do the drill or weren't happy with your performance (NOT the reactions you got) - feel free to repeat this day.

Approach Anxiety Day 7 (Get in There!)

0041(53).jpgGet in there!

The theme of the day is- GET IN THERE.

When doing the first drill, you need to jump/throw yourself into an interaction with the first girl you see and ask her for the time.

Do not let her go by.

How did the our basic drill (time-directions-have you been there?) go?

It probably went okay.

But even if it didn't go that well, it probably occurred to you that- "this is doable," "I can see this becoming pretty easy."

It probably got slightly easier as you did it.

The 4th and 5th set were probably easier than the 1st. This will probably never change.

Even for me, to this very day, when I go out and hit on girls- the first girl is sometimes harder to talk to.

That might sound odd that I still feel this way. After all, I've hit on 1000s of girls.

Let me explain-

"I can't get started," is actually not completely a matter of anxiety but rather just how I'm feeling or my 'state'.

Regardless of your experience at this stuff (or your "level" if you still believe in that), you are still subject to a concept that I call social momentum. Social momentum is what happens when you get loosened up and you actually want to socialize and interact with other people. These drills build social momentum and you'll often hit a high point where your social freedom is much higher than it usually is.

When you feel social momentum, it's important to run with it and talk to people. Later, you can reflect on how you got there.

I suggest you figure out both natural ways (music, talking to people) and artificial ways (drinking, kratom, etc.) that can get you there too.

Sometimes when I meet my friends out at clubs in Hollywood, when I get there, they are already 3-4 drinks in and have been talking to a lot of people. Even though they don't have half the experience with women that I do- they are in a way better state and probably more socially free at that point in time and more extroverted. That's social momentum, don't underrate it.

The key to getting the "social momentum" ball rolling is to GET IN THERE. I have a video called, "Give Yourself Permission to Approach Women - Badge Right in and Claim the Pussy," you literally just need to MOVE YOUR FEET and MOVE YOUR MOUTH and ask for the time. Don't worry, you can leave in 10 seconds. After it goes well, remind yourself that you "GOT IN THERE."

In the future, having AA will be choice. You will have the theory and EXPERIENCE that tells you that if you "GET IN THERE" your AA will stop (or be decreased significantly) . We to get you used to making that choice. Don't give AA change to explode in your stomach like a time bomb. GET IN THERE and diffuse the bomb.

GETTING IN THERE is a test of your determination and courage rather than your overall anxiety, don't be surprised if GET IN THERE like your life depends on it and wonder "why can't I always do this?" Don't worry about it though, determination and courage will take you a long way, even if you are anxious.

Day 7 Drill (Level 1)

  • Time, Leave (talk to very first girl you see; DONT let her slip by)
  • Time, Directions, Leave
  • Time, Directions, Have you been there?, Leave
  • Repeat this 5 times today, you will speak to 15 girls in total.
    Key = GET IN THERE, DO NOT WAIT to do the 1st rep (time, leave). Do it right away.

Audio Day 7 (24:04)

  • Get in There!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Social Momentum

If you were unable to do the drill or weren't happy with your performance (NOT the reactions you got) - feel free to repeat this day.

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