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Bathmate or Penomet: A Critical Comparison

Good Looking Loser
March 13, 2013

Bathmate vs. Penomet

A Critical Comparison of 2 Great Devices
(Updated: July 22, 2014)

Update (2014): The Penomet is a solid pump, but IF you have the money and want the pump that will give you the most/fastest gains - The Bathmate Xtreme is by far the best one right now.

If that is outside of your price range (don't buy anything you can't afford, certainly not a penis pump) - you will want to consider the Penomet vs. the regular Bathmate models.

You will be happy with any of them but there are a few differences that you should be aware of.

A comprehensive comparison of the Bathmate Hydropump and the Penomet penis pump from REAL experience.

Unlike the majority of Internet marketers "reviewing" these male enhancement devices, I actually own and use both water-based penis pumps and I can give you specific suggestions and insight on each.

If you have a question that I didn't cover, write it in the form below. We'll be happy to answer it.

In this comparison we'll cover-

  • Which device you should consider ordering given 2 significant criteria (cost, starting size)
  • Similarities between the devices
  • Which one is easier to use? (filling it up, initial pumping, keeping it on).
  • Water retention (turkey-neck, putting on a condom)
  • Comfort ring?
  • Miscellaneous concerns
  • What if I already own the Bathmate or Penomet?
  • Conclusion

Video: Bathmate vs. Penomet: Which One Is Better? How Are They Different?

Is Bathmate or Penomet better?

Which pump should I consider purchasing?

As explained in the next session, these devices are very similar and ultimately you will get the SAME results if you use your device on a regular basis.

The key is using it on a regular basis and not missing or postponing training sessions.

Both devices require only 10-12 minutes and are quite fun to use.

Given the similarity of these devices-

The 2 main factors in your decision should be:

  1. How much money you can reasonably spend. 
  2. Your starting erect size.male symbol 3d illustration

We will discuss the subtle differences between the pumps that you should be aware of.

(1) The Cost

This should be the primary factor in your decision.


I mean that. You can make gains just doing manual stretching and jelqing. Gains just happen faster with the pumps and it's more fun.

Even though I make small commissions (at no expense to you)- I still don't want people running up a bunch of debt on their credit cards if they can't afford it. It's a penis pump, it's not completely necessary.

Best Value

The Bathmate Hercules is the best option if you don't have a lot of money to invest.

The Bathmate Hydromax x30 is slightly easier to use and a few bucks more. It depends on your price range though. They are similar. I have owned my Bathmate for going on 4+ years. Even with years of prior manual PE experience, I've have gained over an 1" in girth and over a .5" in length from JUST the Bathmate during 2010. The Bathmate was the FIRST device I ever recommended to the Good Looking Loser community. I did so because it is excellent, I was certain that it would reflect positively upon myself. The only downside to getting a Bathmate Hercules or x30 is- you might have to get another pump if you outgrow your pump.

Best Package (for regular models)

If you have the money- the Penomet Premium package with the 5 gaiters is the best overall package.

The package also comes with some goodies (3 bottles of pump cleaner) that I actually use. It's also big enough that you'll never have to buy another pump again. Since it has different has 5 removable gaiters, you won't ever accidentally break the thing to the point where you can't use it anymore. Like I said- you won't have to invest in another pump ever again unless you somehow grow a 12+" penis, in which case you should finding other things to do with your time.

The best OVERALL option is the new Bathmate Xtreme.

tape measure isolated on white background(2) Your Starting Size

You should definitely consider your starting before making the investment in either pump.

Newbies, especially, should consider their starting size since they will grow the most.

If you are new to male enhancement (or new to pumping) and your penis is equal to or more than 7" (length) or 5.75" (girth)- you should only consider the Bathmate Goliath or the Penomet Premium Package.

While you will probably fit in the Bathmate Herules or the Bathmate x30, it won't be long until the pump is too small for you.

I'm serious about that, newbies gain quickly. By contrast, if you are less than 7" (length) and 5.75" (girth)- you can consider any pump. I wouldn't get the Goliath until you are very close to 7" however.

Starting Size


Don’t Consider
Big Cock 7” or more Length

Bathmate Goliath

Penomet Premium

Bathmate x40

Bathmate Hercules

Bathmate x30

Almost Big Cock 6.5-6.75” Length

Any of the pumps

Average Cock 5.25 – 6.5” Length

Bathmate Hercules

Bathmate x30

Penomet Premium

Bathmate Goliath

Smaller Cock 5.25” or less

Bathmate Hercules

Bathmate x30

Penomet Premium*

Bathmate Goliath

 Bathmate x40

* For smaller guys (5.25" or less), the Penomet pump MIGHT be too heavy. I would stick with either the Bathmate Hercules or the x30.

Similarities Between the Devices

The Bathmate and Penomet pumps are very similar. Both will work great for you. Both are fun.

A lot of guys want to want to know "which is better?" or more specifically- "which pump gets more pressure?" since the pressure determines how intense your workouts are and ultimately- your progress.

In my experience, after using Bathmate pumps for 4+ years and the Penomet for 5+ months- they are almost identical.

The Bathmate MAX pressure is literally EQUAL to the Penomet MAX pressure.

It's probable that- both companies have to adhere to specific safety standards and neither company can actually create a pump that is "much better" than the competitor even if they wanted to.

They would be sacrificing safety and encouraging lawsuits. Neither are desirable. The good news is- both pumps give a very good deal of pressure and they are several things you can do to increase this pressure.

These techniques include (but are not limited to)-

  • removing all pubic hair
  • using a full boner
  • filling the cylinder with as much water as possible
  • pumping in a specific cadence (in my experience- Bathmate is best pumped as fast as possible. Penomet should be pumped slower)
  • re-pumping to maintain tight suction as possible (not necessary with Penomet)
  • initially pumping while doing kegels (especially for big guys)
  • jelqing before your workout (not for newbies)

"If you had the opportunity to use both pumps, you will probably find that the pressure (and therefore, quality of your session) depends more on the quality of your erection, how quickly you got suction, how much water was in the pump, etc. rather than which pump you use."

"... and that is why I conclude they are equal or the actual difference in pressure is insignificant. The other factors are more important."

I HAVE seen the video that claims the Bathmate has "much more" pressure than the Penomet. I'm not saying it's fake, but in my experience- when the pump is ON MY DICK, the pressure is equal and other factors (listed above) affect the pressure significantly more. What is more significant is the slight differences between the pumps that will determine ease-of-use and how often you can achieve MAX pressure. We will explore these slight differences now.

take a showerWhich is Easier to Use?

This will vary too.

This important because the easier you can use the device, the more likely you will be able to get MAX pressure consistently. It's a pain to put on a pump and realize the pressure isn't great and have to redo it I wish I could give you a one word answer but the fact of the matter is- both devices have their advantages.

Filling Up Device

Advantage: Bathmate x30 and Penomet

The newer pumps, Bathmate x30 and Penomet, have a pump head that prevents water from leaking out when you are filling it up.

This is significant because the more water that you have in the cylinder, the greater pressure you can generate. The older models of Bathmate will slightly leak water (this is normal) and you will have to put them on as quickly as possible. Which isn't hard.  It's not as big of a deal as some guys make it however.

Putting It On (Initial Pumping)

Preference: Bathmate Hercules/Goliath

This is simply my preference.

I like the older Bathmate models because in one violent motion that takes about 8 seconds, I can slam the Bathmate into my body and get IMMEDIATE suction. You don't have to put the original Bathmate models on this way though. The Penomet and Bathmate x30 take a little more time to put on. We are talking about 10 seconds more.

Keeping It On (In Session)

Advantage: N/A

All the devices are hands-free. You just put them on and you don't have to touch them unless you are tightening the suction.

With the Penomet, you don't have to re-pump it or tighten the suction. You can even wear it outside of the shower because you don't have to discharge any of the water- which is nice for some guys. I personally like re-pumping and keeping the pump super tight, so it doesn't matter to me. The only issue with the Penomet is- it's a bigger/heavier pump and if your penis isn't big enough (or if you don't have a solid erection/suction) it may begin to hang downward slightly toward the end of your session. Bathmate makes a shower strap to counter this, Penomet doesn't yet. If you are 6.25" when erect this probably won't be a problem. The differences listed here are honestly minute (insignificant) to most guys. I just though I'd let you know so you know what to expect.

Cartoon TurkeyWater Retention (Turkey Neck)

Advantage: Bathmate x30 and Penomet

Using the original Bathmate models for 12+ minutes can cause a temporarily undesirable, yet completely harmless condition referred to as "water retention," as explained here.

The Bathmate x30 and Penomet pumps don't really have this issue. The advantage to this is you can easily put on a condom and there will be minimal sensitivity issues. Using a pump before having sex is one of the best experiences you (and your lucky partner) can have. I personally don't care about getting "turkey neck" or "tennis ball dick," if I'm not sleeping with a girl later that day.

Comfort Ring

Advantage: N/A

The Bathmate x30 and x40 comes with a "comfort ring," the Bathmate Hercules, Goliath and Penomet do not. It doesn't matter.

Most guys feel that this ring is not helpful and actually inhibits suction. My suggestion is to ditch the comfort ring, it's useless. Once you take it off the Bathmate x30/x40 the pump is awesome.

According to Penomet-

"Penomet Pump does not come with a Soft Pad (comfort ring). In our survey of more than 500 penis pump users, very few liked to use a soft base due to the difficulties found in the attachment."

I concur. The comfort ring, or lack thereof, should have NO IMPACT on which device you buy.

Miscellaneous Concerns

There are a few other difference between the Bathmate and Penomet.

Vacuum Stretching

Advantage: All Bathmate pumps

There is a specific way you can use Bathmate to increase the length of your penis.

You can doing these stretches in the Bathmate because it is all one piece. These aren't done as easily in the Penomet since the Penomet has attachable gaiters. While this may seem significant, I don't do "Bathmate Stretches," they are a pain in the ass and I never found they did much. Other guys like them though. Either way, not doing these stretches hasn't stopped me from gaining over 2" in length.

Penomet Cleaning FormCleaning

Advantage: Penomet

The Penomet is easier to clean because it is 2 separate pieces. The gaiters easily detach from the vacuum tube and you can simply clean it. The Penomet package comes with a high-end cleaning foam called 'Gun Oil Shine'.


Advantage: All Bathmate pumps

I always take my pump when I visit other cities.

The Bathmate travels easier because it's all one piece and all of the models (with the exception of the Goalith) are smaller than the Penomet. I travel with my Bathmate in the original box it came in. One time leaving for San Francisco, a TSA agent opened my bag and opened the Bathmate box. The agent asked, "Does it work?" The girl I was with said, "Yeah, it works." :D If you want to avoid this, just pack it in your suitcase. Baggage fees are so ridiculous that I sometimes carry it on the plane.

What If I Already Own a Bathmate?

If you already own a Bathmate - stick with that. You don't need another pump. It is highly unlikely that you will significantly prefer one to the other. Please save your money.

The exception is if you are about to outgrow your Bathmate. In that case, you should be looking at the Bathmate x40, Bathmate Xtreme or Penomet Premium Package.

In Conclusion

So there you have it. Two great pumps.

Equal suction (with the other factors listed affecting your experience more).

  • If you have the money- the Bathmate Xtreme (updated) is great and you'll never have to buy another pump.
  • If not- Consider the Full Penomet package or Bathmate x30/x40 for value.

It all depends on how much you are able to spend. They all are great - there's no huge difference between the regular models. Only the Xtreme gives significantly more pressure than any other pump.

The fact of the matter is- if you are new to male enhancement or even if you haven't "pumped" before- you will gain size if you are consistent with your workouts. Often very quickly. Enjoy. Good Looking Loser Signature

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