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Updated: January 4, 2020
(added: It's been 8+ years of Bathmate!)

If you have arrived just to get our "Good Looking Loser - Bathmate Free/Priority Shipping link" (there it is).

First time visitors - Welcome to Good Looking Loser.

I'm Chris.

The Bathmate was the first recommendation I made when I started the Good Looking Loser community in 2012.

It is as much a part of our community as I am.

It is a lot of fun to use and more importantly - it actually works. I've used it since December 2009.

I don't want you to underestimate the FUN element.

Male enhancement works (1-2" of growth is realistic) but it's tedious, time consuming and can be totally boring. Bathmate makes it FUN.

The more FUN something is - the most likely you are to stick with it.

The more you stick with it - the more you will grow.

If Bathmate did nothing but make the process more fun - I would still recommend it.

But it does a lot more than entertaining you and delivers significant PERMANENT size after several months of daily use.

Unlike the majority of the invisible Internet marketers that "recommend" this pump - I actually use it and have adult pictures of me wearing it. (links below)

You'll learn everything you want and need to know, including-

If you are looking for information about new Bathmate Xtreme model, looky here -

How the Bathmate Works

The Bathmate works by creating a vacuum that expands the tissue in your penis. Over time, with consistent use and ample recovery time between sessions (24-48 hours), the tissue is permanently expanded causing your penis to slowly get longer and wider. The tissue expansion also allows significantly more blood to enter your penis - resulting in firmer and harder erections.

Just after using it with a full erection, you'll see temporary gains - usually .25-.75" in length and .5-1.25" in girth (yes, over an inch of girth). These gains stay around for 4 to 24 hours, including during intercourse and after you lose an erection. With consistent use these gains become permanent. I can also vouch for a slight improvement erection strength.

For more information about the 'Post-Bathmate Pump' see below.

My Review is based on both - 14 months using it by itself (without doing any manual penis enhancement) and also later combining it will jelqing, stretching and a few different penis extenders for 3+ years.

My Updated Bathmate Video Review

bathmate video table of contents Table of Contents - Click to Enlarge

Why is the Bathmate so Good?

I have tried several other devices: 2 different penis extenders, a jelq device and even a 'hanger'.

Some of those were okay, but the Bathmate is light years ahead of ALL those devices for several reasons.

    After wearing the Bathmate in the shower for about 10 minutes (with a full erection), your penis will gain an extra ~.25-.5" in length ~.5-1.25" in girth. Immediate changes, particularly in girth. It's great to have sex a few hours after use the Bathmate. This growth (pump) will last for about 6 to 12 hours, then your penis will return to normal size. You will see immediate gains, especially in flaccid (soft) size. . I've gotten to the point where if I use the Bathmate, Trojan Magnum condoms are super tight and regular condoms can't even fit around the head (pumped penis vs. magnum condom adult video). I never used to be a 'show-er' but now my penis hangs well below my balls. For more information on how to get the Bathmate post-pump, please view our Bathmate FAQ.
  • PERMANENT RESULTS (with consistent use).
    Your temporary/immediate gains will absolutely become permanent if you use this device on a regular basis. It's sort of like working out. When you go to the gym and lift weights, your muscle tissue will fatigue and gain immediate size (pump) but will return to their regular size in about 6 to 12 hours after. If you consistently workout (assuming a good diet), your muscles will grow and remain that size unless you stop working out. Same deal for the Bathmate. Penile tissue isn't identical to muscle tissue, but it's pretty similar- "Keeping Perspective on Penis Enhancement".
    Unlike potentially dangerous air pumps, the Bathmate is a water pump and is completely safe if you use it as directed. I have never had any problems with this device and I have used it consistently and aggressively. For this reason, among a few others, I think that newbies are better off with a hydropump rather than an air pump.
    If, for some reason, you cannot use Bathmate regularly for an extended period of time- simply using it a couple times a week for 10-12 minutes will be enough to maintain your gains (and gains you made from other PE exercises). Once I got to about 7" x 6", I only used the Bathmate a couple of times a week. I maintained my all gains pretty easily it seemed. I've started to use the Bathmate more aggressively again.

About Where Your Pump Is Coming From
(Official Manufacturer)

You will be getting your pump from the OFFICIAL MANUFACTURER -


This is who makes the pump. You won't get a knockoff pump.

Your one year warranty with directly through them (UMProducts Ltd.).

You will get an order confirmation right away and tracking number when your pump ships.

United States orders will ship [usually within 24 hours] from Oregon (West Coast) or Michigan (East Coast). If you are in Canada, your pump will ship from Toronto. Orders within the EU will ship within your respective country. The manufacturer can handle orders from everywhere, not just regionally.

If you have any trouble with your order, you can contact me about it. We have a direct line of support with them.
(please allow a reasonable amount of time for processing and delivery)

There are a lot of cheap, rip-off and fake "hydro pumps" on Amazon, eBay and elsewhere that are sold as the Bathmate. I buy a lot of stuff on Amazon and eBay, both are great, but I don't suggest getting this product from either.

My Bathmate HydropumpBathmate that I have used for 5+ Years

To this very day - I use the Bathmate nearly everyday.

I use it, I stand behind it and I recommend it to you without hesitation.

It is a symbol of the Good Looking Loser.

This device is nothing short of amazing.

Especially for newbies who have never done PE before and stand A LOT to gain.

I'm not going to name specific sites (and I haven't) but there's a lot of fake Bathmate pump floating around out there. You may find it slightly less expensive elsewhere, but you run the risk of getting a replica or virtually useless pump.

I recommend the official manufacturer because they literally make the pump. I know what's in their boxes. Guys ask me all the time if a certain site/pump is real or fake, I honestly don't know, I just know that the guys on the other end of my link are ones that make the pump and you'll get what you paid for.

Water Buddy is Not BathmateThe OFFICIAL Bathmate is NOT on
The "Water Buddy" is not the Bathmate

Which Bathmate Pump Should I Consider Getting?

It depends on your size.

Bathmate Pump Size Comparisons

bathmate size chartMy Size Recommendations
< 5.75" (Bathmate x20)
5.75-7" (Bathmate x30)
> 7" (Bathmate x40)

What Can I Legitimately Expect?

You can expect EXACTLY what I mentioned above - immediate temporary results and permanent results (if you continue to use it).

Although results will vary, I can guarantee you - after the first time you use it (with a full erection, recommended only after your first 30 days) - your penis will be bigger, thicker and probably longer than it has EVER been. Like I said, a .75-1.25" increase in girth and a noticeable, but slightly less drastic increase in length.

You can hold me to it.

If you combine it with a manual penis enhancement routine (jelqing, stretching), you can expect to gain length and girth faster than if you just do the exercises alone.

You can use the Bathmate by itself, without the manual exercises and still expect to make decent gains. I discuss exactly what you can expect if you use the Bathmate as a standalone in our FAQ.

Take a look at 'Good Looking Loser's Get Hung Routine' if you want a routine that will guarantee success.

How do we know you that you actually use this and have a big dick?

That is a fair question.

When I say that I am willing to put my face behind this product, I mean it.

CautionCaution: Adult Pictures in Those Links

↓ If you click that link below, you will see my penis. just warning you! ↓ (NSFW)

I don't have a 14" monster penis, I don't think anyone has.
According to those 'charts', it's top 10% in length and the top 1 or 2% in girth.
I was the definition of average (5.5", maybe less) before I started penis enhancement.
But I wanted to show those who were interested. I'm about 7-7.2" now.

If you want to see videos on REAL people actually using the Bathmate, check out this page (NSFW)
(links to videos of me using the Bathmate are among resources below)

Where can I see independent reviews of other guys that have been using the Bathmate for a while?

You can check out or start your own user log in the Forum, here are some reviews -

Here are some additional reviews from our old forum, click to enlarge-

Relentless Guy's Review

Hamrinurpo's Review

Earthquake's Review

Callum's Review

The results described in these reviews/logs are ARE typical.

You can count on it. 

Once you start using the Bathmate with a full erection for 15-20 minutes - you almost certainly experience all of this. 

The Bathmate was featured on "Tosh" on Comedy Central, check it out!

It is a funny skit that actually has good information on how it works/how to use it. It's Legit.

Do You Guys Have a Bathmate Discount Coupon Code?

Bathmate currently forbids coupons that take the product below their lowest official price (MSRP).

They are very strict about it. There are none (we would have one, trust me).

Through the Good Looking Loser link you will get free shipping if you are in the United States, Canada or select countries in Europe -
(there are no discount coupons available unfortunately)


The Free Shipping offer via Good Looking Loser is only with the Official Manufacturer -

If you come across a site selling "new" pump that is under $100, I'm willing to bet you it's fake and it's one of those cheap Korean homemade pumps that tarnished Bathmate's reputation from ~2008-2009. Don't get it.

It's not really a Bathmate - it's closer to a children's toy with Bathmate stickers on it.

Additional Bathmate Resources on Good Looking Loser

More Information about the Bathmate

Bathmate Routines

Penis Enhancement Routines and Information

Bathmate Shipping & TrackingHow Long Does It Takes to Get A Bathmate?

You will receive your order within 10 business days.

4 to 6 days is the usual.

Major cities receive it faster, like most mail.

After you order, you should get a confirmation number shortly thereafter.

Check your spam box if for some reason you don't see it with 24 hours.

If you have Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail, chances are - it's there if you didn't receive it.

Those email providers tend to forward ALL male enhancement emails to the spam box - since 99.9% is spam.

Some guys still insist on ordering their pumps from random places and auction sites. Just understand the risk that you are running. There's no advice that I or our members can give you that will 'fix' a defective/fake pump.

If you have questions that I didn't cover in my Bathmate Review, please don't hesitate to ask. :)

Disclaimer: The information about the Bathmate is from personal experience. The contents of this page, such as text, graphics, images and other material are intended for informational and educational purposes only and not for the purpose of rendering medical advice. Please view our Medical Disclaimer.

You are always welcome and encouraged to get support from our Bathmate Discussion Board

We'll answer any of your questions and make sure that you have a positive experience (and get results!) with the pump.

You can post any question, at any time.
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I may add a few more suggestions later.

Bathmate is the main one.

It's the best thing out there.

You'll dig it.