Combining Bathmate and Sizegenetics (Beginner Level)

Using Bathmate and Sizegenetics for Newbies

Back on January 5th, I put up my very first recommendation- The Bathmate.

I was the only recommendation I had up for a long time.

It knew it was safe, it worked and I also knew that it would make guys say "Holy shit!" because that what I said too after I used it for the first time with a full boner.

Several months later, I put up my second recommendation.

It was an account of my experience and an enthusiastic thumbs up for Sizegenetics. It too is a really good device, it's not as 'sexy' or 'holy shit' as the Bathmate, but it works and really works well. In fact, in the long run, its probably the better device. Certainly for length, it's the better device, if you were to only pick one. Fucking a girl after using the Bathmate is an experience that is priceless, something that you'll both remember until you are dead.

Since putting up my recommendation for Sizegenetics, I have been asked at least 50 times if it was a good idea to combine the two and use them together. It's probably a good idea to officially answer this question. :)

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So Can I Use Bathmate and SizeGenetics Together?

Ask your doctor first.

But in my opinion and personal experience- Yes, yes you may.

In fact, the combination is perfect.
SizeGenetics is mostly for length and Bathmate is mostly for girth.

I wish the Bathmate and new Sizegenetics extender was around years ago when I started PE. I would have gained a lot quicker. In my opinion, the combination of the two (with manual exercise) is the very BEST combination you can possibly use. You will get the fastest and best gains possible.

Considering that guys [that were completely new to PE] gained 1 inch in 6 months with JUST Sizegenetics, in theory- if you combine Sizegenetics, Bathmate and manual exercise- the gains should be even better.

So How Do I Combine the Two?

My advice (opinion) for newbies (first 30-45 days) is different than those with more PE experience.

Lets talk about the new guys first.

The first month of PE is more about getting your dick in shape or "prep" for intermediate or more advanced training than actually gaining size. Not too worry though- if you are just starting out, gains are super easy to make and just doing a little bit can give you added size. Most likely you will gain measurable size in the first month if you are using either device, and especially if you are using either device with a manual routine.

Have your doctor approve this prior to starting.

My suggestion is to take the Newbie Bathmate routine-

Bathmate / Water Pump Routine (3 or 4 Days a Week)
Week 1- Bathmate for 6-8 minutes (Flaccid, 40-50% Boner)
Week 2- Bathmate for 8-10 minutes (Flaccid, 50-60% Boner)
Week 3- Bathmate for 10-12 minutes (60-70% Boner)
Week 4- Bathmate for 12 minutes (70-80% Boner)

* Don’t use the Bathmate on the off days.
It is an off day, and you are hooking up with a chick later and want to use the Bathmate only use it for 5-6 minutes.
Wait until week 3 to do this though. During week 1 and week 2, don’t use the Bathmate on the off days.

... and for the first 2 weeks, combine it with-

  • 2 Hours of SizeGenetics on ON days
  • 4 Hours of SizeGenetics on OFF days
  • Make sure to take at least 1 OFF day where you do no training whatsoever.

... and for the next 2 weeks, combine it with

  • 2-4 Hours of SizeGenetics on ON days
  • 6 Hours of SizeGenetics on OFF days
  • Make sure to take at least 1 OFF day where you do no training whatsoever.

Again, this is a suggestion based solely on my opinion.

I was not new to PE when I got the Bathmate or went I got SizeGenetics. If I was, I would do that routine.

It should safely accomplish both goals of the first month-

  1. Get your dick used to training
  2. Make some gains

Now, lets talk about the guys that have done PE for at least a month.

If you have used the Bathmate and Sizegentics for more than a month, you should actually have a pretty good idea of what you are doing and how your dick is responding. There is a bit of a learning curve when learning to use the two devices and seeing how your penis reacts, but it's really not too complicated.

Bathmate safely expands the tissue in your dick. When you recover, you grow slightly. It adds up.

Sizegentics safely stretches the tissue, ligaments and tendons in your dick outward. When you recover, you grow slightly. It adds up.

Believe it or not, after 30 days, you can pretty much trust yourself to decide how much training you can do.

Just build on the routine you have been doing-

  • If you have been using the Bathmate 4 days a week - try 5.
  • If you have been using Sizegenetics 4 days a week - try 5.
  • If you have been using the Bathmate for 10 minutes - try 12.
  • If you have been using Sizegenetics for 4 hours - try 6.
  • If you haven't been doing any manual PE - do it 2 times a week for 20 minutes.
  • Stuff like that...

Just add to your routine. That is my advice.

Immediate-More Advanced Bathmate and Sizegenetics Routine

Thankfully, with the devices, the process isn't that "hands on," you don't have to spend large amounts of time physically training. That's the beauty of it.

Just sit around and wear your extender, put the Bathmate on in the shower.

Don't forget to have adequate resting periods. When you recover, you grow. Not when you train.

Some guys find that training everyday is great, some guys never train more than 1 day in-a-row.

You'll have to see what works for you, everybody (well... every dick) is different.

Which Do I Use First? Bathmate or SizeGenetics?

This is 100% up to you.

I used to tell people to use Sizegenetics first and then use Bathmate at night. But it totally does not matter.

In fact, you might find it easier to use the Bathmate and then Sizegenetics because you may benefit from the added thickness and softness so you can strap your dick in and be really snug with no issues with slippage.

At this point, I'm too thick to use Sizegenetics after a full Bathmate session. Eventually you will be too and you'll have to reverse the order.