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Good Looking Loser's Bathmate Xtreme Review

Good Looking Loser
July 15, 2014

Bathmate Xtreme Review
Updated: January 3 2020
(Good Looking Loser Community Free priority/shipping from Bathmate - The Official Manufacturer)

The Bathmate Hercules was my very first recommendation to the Good Looking Loser community when I started this website in 2012.

It's excellent.

But you probably know that already.

Lets talk about the long-awaited, latest Bathmate model - the Bathmate Xtreme.

It came out in 2013, so my review is a bit late, but I have been using it since then.

It is my default pump and I only use the regular models when I travel, since they are easy to bring along.

In short, the Xtreme is fantastic; you'll make faster gains and ultimately be able to exceed the progress you could make with the regular model or male enhancement in general.

With that said - 

The Xtreme is expensive.

I absolutely DO NOT want you purchasing it if you don't have the money or are shaky on your commitment to using it.

You can gain an inch or more (and even more substantial girth) with one of the regular models. People have been doing that for a decade.

Don't think that you need this pump and that the other ones are obsolete.

They aren't.

In fact, the new x30 and x40 models are quite good.


Good Looking Loser's Review of the Bathmate Xtreme

bathmate xtreme table of contents

Exactly What You Can Expect

You can expect all the same things as with the other Bathmate models -

  • Lasting Gains - after several months of consistent use, your size gains will slowly become permanent.
  • Immediate Gains - after using it for 8-12 minutes with a full erection, your penis will be bigger (especially girth) for 3 to 24+ hours.
  • Big Cock Sex - these immediate gains can be taken into the bedroom to fill your partner.
  • Easy to Use - although there is definitely a learning curve with the Xtreme models, the whole process is hands-free and takes about 10-15 minutes once you figure it out.
  • Fun - Bathmate is usually a huge success for most guys because they look forward to using it every single day and don't slack off.
  • Safe - although the Xtreme model can generate significantly more pressure than the regular models, you will have absolutely no problem if you use it as directed and do not become overzealous.

Check out these posts for more details on exactly what you can expect from the Bathmate Hydropump, including order confirmation, discrete payment/shipping and frequently asked questions.

Bathmate Xtreme vs. Non-Xtreme Models

The Bathmate Xtreme is basically the same as the regular Bathmate models but the Xtreme gives you the option of adding another level (or two) of air vacuum pressure that is impossible to achieve with the regular models.

This additional pressure is most likely to benefit guys that have been using the pump for at least 6 months or have hit a 'plateau' in their gains (usually just after gaining your first inch).

It is my opinion that total PE newbies will gain at the exact same rate, regardless if they use the Xtreme or any of regular Bathmate models. 

Remember, newbie gains come REALLY FAST.

The first inch is the easiest and can be had in just 4-8 months (6+ is more realistic) if you are truly committed.

After that it gets harder.

That is where the Xtreme will really show it's magic.

Bathmate Xtreme vs. Advanced Bathmate Techniques

Long before the Xtreme was released, ambitious guys discovered other ways to increase the pressure on the original Bathmate models.

One such way was created by the legendary Male Enhancement community "Matters of Size" where a wine saver device was used to generate an air vacuum to significantly increase the existing water vacuum pressure. 

Xtreme vs. Vacu-vin (Wine Saver)

The Matters of Size method was quite good at adding additional air pressure to increase expansion. 

In my experience, the only downside to this method is that the additional pressure mainly expands the head and glans (top) of my penis - while the additional pressure didn't seem to affect the shaft (middle of penis) as much.

With the Xtreme pump, the pressure is consistent and delivers significant expansion on the entire shaft.

Still, the Matters of Size method is quite good if you have a regular pump or don't want to put the additional dollars for the Xtreme. 

Xtreme vs. Vacuvin

This is a purely experimental method, not endorsed by Good Looking Loser or any of the other brands mentioned.

Xtreme vs. Pre-Jelqing

Another method that encourages further penile expansion is doing a jelqing session prior to using the Bathmate.

If you have never done this before, it can be very intense and I suggest you proceed with extreme caution.

The downside to the pre-jelq method is the time it takes.

If you are doing it safely, you should be warming up, jelqing for 5-20 minutes, cleaning off the lubricant and then applying the Bathmate. You need to set aside ~30 minutes to do this safely and be vigilant to overtraining. It can be hard to get a strong erection after a jelqing session, which compromises your Bathmate session.

Still, this method is a cost-effective way to increase pressure if you don't have the Xtreme model.

Again, proceed with caution.

This is serious stuff and is not an official technique recommended by Bathmate.

Who Should Consider the Xtreme?

Listen -

I get a commission if you purchase the Xtreme or one of the other Bathmate models.

You get free shipping and priority service if you use our link below.

I will state again - Do not get ANYTHING if you cannot afford it.

You can do manual stretching (length) and manual jelqing (girth) to get size for free.

I did that for years and made decent progress.

The Bathmate (and other devices) simply makes the process easier/faster and more fun. 

In my opinion, the following guys will most benefit from the Bathmate Xtreme -

Veterans who have plateaued

If you find yourself at a standstill and have been doing male enhancement for a while and already gained your first inch - you might want to consider the Bathmate Xtreme.

The additional pressure will likely allow you to break through the plateau and head toward another inch.
(it is my opinion that most dedicated guys can gain 1.75 to 2 inches in total)

Guys who have outgrown their Hercules or x30

If you are in the market for a new pump and have outgrown the original Hercules or newer x30 model, you might want to consider the Bathmate Xtreme x40.

You'll never need another pump, that's for sure.

Lazy guys
(Guys don't have the desire/time to do manual exercises)

Although I totally recommend that you do manual penis stretching and jelqing concurrently with whichever devices you are using - you can certainly make significant gains if you just use the Bathmate Xtreme for 10-12 minutes a day.

As I've mentioned - your first inch will come quickly if you are completely new to PE.

After that, you may have to incorporate some manual exercises to reach your genetic potential.

Girth-seeking guys

If you have a case of "Pencil-dick" and are looking to add girth as quickly as possible, this is going to be the ultimate solution.

There's not a more efficient or productive girth option out there.

You'll notice the difference almost immediately if you have never done any pumping or girth-specific exercises.

Combine daily Xtreme use with jelqing (not necessary at the same time) and your girth will explode.

Still, I encourage you to look at male enhancement as a marathon, not a sprint.

What Bathmate Xtreme Size Should I Consider?

The sizing is the exact same as with the regular models.

In general -

If you are under 6.5" (without PE experience) - get the x30 or Xtreme x30.

If you are 6.5" or over (without PE experience) - get the x40 or Xtreme x40.

Use the sizing chart below or see "Bathmate vs. Penomet - A Critical Comparison" for even more specific advice based on your starting size and prior male enhancement experience.

Bathmate Sizing Chart

If you are still unsure which size is for you - you can always write in below or ask in our Bathmate Forum for an answer in about 20 minutes.

What Else is Included with the Xtreme Package?

The primary addition to the Bathmate Xtreme is the suction air pump tool, suction hose and the special air pump-ready Bathmate model (the Xtreme air pump and suction hose can't be attached to any of the regular models unfortunately).

Also included in the Xtreme package is -

  • A big black hard carrying case with lock and key
  • The Bathmate cleaning kit
  • Special Bathmate Xtreme comfort ring
  • Male enhancement ruler and pressure/progress gauge
  • Pjur Man water-based lubricant and towel

Chris Shows What's Included in the Bathmate Xtreme Package
(view in a different browser if video ain't there)


How to Put On the Bathmate Xtreme

There is a bit of a learning curve.

I suggest you read the instruction book (page 4) that comes with your pump.

This is basically what it says in regards to putting the Xtreme on -

  1. Close the 'valve pip' by moving the black button to the left or right.
    (just so long as it's not in the center position)
  2. Fill the Bathmate with water.
    (if the valve pip is closed, no water will come out)
  3. Make sure the 'valve knob' is turned to the right (clockwise)
  4. Put the Bathmate on.
    (only use a full erection if you have used it for 30+ days)
  5. Open the 'valve pip' by moving the black button into the center position.
  6. Attach the Bathmate by pumping the Bathmate toward your body, securing as TIGHT a seal as possible.
    (water should come out of the front, but not "shoot" out in large amounts)
  7. The Bathmate should stick to your pubic region and be hands-free.
  8. If you are using the air pump, open the 'valve knob' by turning to the left (counter-clockwise)
  9. Attach the pump (or the pump with suction hose) to the knob.
  10. Safely increase the pressure of the vacuum.

It takes some practice. Try not to get frustrated if you can't do it perfectly every time.

Soon enough, you'll be able to do it in about 60 seconds.

Just about every other troubleshooting issue is answered here -

Is There A Coupon for the Xtreme?

Since the Xtreme is the newest model, as of 2020, the manufacturer has restricted coupons that directly lower the price.

If you are in the United States, Canada or Europe (select countries only), our coupon link below gives you free shipping and priority status (will ship immediately) -


Pour Conclure 

My final thoughts are this -

The Xtreme model is the very best hydropump on the market.

There's not really much room for discussion.

The pressure and expansion you can get is unmatched.

It is quite expensive, however, and not something you "need" to gain size.

It has by no means made the prior Bathmate models obsolete - you will just get quicker and ultimately more results (especially for girth thickness).

The decision to purchase one is largely, if not entirely - a financial one.

Complete Newbie Xtreme Advice

Use the pump as directed and do not be over aggressive with it.

For the first 30 days, I would use the pump every-other-day without a full erection and without the air pump.

  • Week 1 - 6 minutes (0-20% erection)
  • Week 2 - 8 minutes (0-20% erection)
  • Week 3 - 10 minutes (35-50% erection)
  • Week 4 - 10 minutes (50% erection)
    (I'm sure you will want to see how awesome it is with a full erection/using max pressure - just proceed with caution)

The first 30 days, for complete newbies, is more about getting your penile tissue used to the vacuum expansion.

You might make some gains - measure in centimeters or millimeters to see your progress.

After 30 days, however, the "break in" process is over and you can consider using an ~80-100% erection (this makes a world of difference) and using the air pump.

This will be a bit of a trial and error period too, but you should very quickly feel how much pressure you can take.

You should not feel any sort of acute pains and you won't if you use the air pump slowly (and as directed).

The pump is safe.

I've used this one for a year and the Hercules for an additional 3.5 years.

Just be smart about things; if you feel any sharp pains - take it off and start over with less pressure.

As a rule of thumb -

If you can't get a solid boner before training, you dick is fatigued and you should take the day off.

It will return to normal in 24 hours or less.

Remember - like weightlifting/bodybuilding, you grow during your REST PERIODS and not during your training sessions. Don't hesitate to take days off.

bathmate xtreme set

Other Resources

User Reviews of the Bathmate Xtreme

User Reviews of the Bathmate Hydropump
(various models)

As always, you are welcome to ask questions below.

For a faster response (usually within 15-20 minutes) drop your question on our Bathmate Forum.

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